7 Best Magento Themes

A uniquely designed magento theme is a good marketing tool to promote your ecommerce store. This has been proven over time. These themes give you the flexibility and control over the content and functionality of your store. It also helps enhance the look of your ecommerce store.

There are a lot of magento themes and a great variety from which you can pick from. They vary for personal style reasons and you get to pick the favourite theme that suits your personal and business needs. You should not however that the theme you pick is completely compatible with all platform components. You also need one that has upgrades so you can keep upgrading to the latest and most efficient version.

The magento themes vary and are customized to identify the exact business you are carrying out. This means that you can get a theme that is specifically tied to your business line and that is unique to your needs. Before you purchase a theme, you can first check the templates to pick from. The templates include variety of themes which enables you to pick the most suitable one. They range from the sport, to soft and modern,garden, mobile and even furniture. The range is wide and you can check for yourself at https://aheadworks.com/

Some of the best themes include:


This theme has style and is easy to use. It gives your store a pro look and feel. It is also affordable.

IPhone theme

This one is a bit on the high with regards to the cost. But the quality mark that comes with the iPhone symbol is priceless. It is quite easy to customize and is enhanced with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation.


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This one is especially fit for one looking for a more stylish and sleek look. It’s quite responsive and affordable too.


This is highly customizable. This is what you need if you want to communicate your personality in the theme. It is under the furniture category. If you have an online furniture store then this is definitely among the best magento themes for you.


This is the competitor for akoha in the furniture category. Going for the same prices, sylvan is a more responsive theme with very easy customizable options. You do not have to struggle with it to fit your personal business needs.

Media store

This is for that media store that seeks to be a cut above the rest. This theme will sell your media store due to its stylish appearance and customizable features. You cannot go wrong with the media theme.

Merry store

It is a special theme for stores dealing in Christmas gifts. As the festive season approaches, you want a theme that will sell your store so you can capitalize on this season. Be visible this Christmas.

aheadMetrics – magento reports tools at https://www.aheadmetrics.com/ is a good place to start when looking for these themes. The variety and magento report tools assures you of the best quality.

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