How Technology Keeps the Environment Safe

In the 1990’s, there was a huge cry for ways to improve the environment. Emissions from the vehicles we drive every day, the hairspray your teenage daughter might use, and even styrofoam were some of the culprits that were blamed for environmental destruction of things like the ozone layer around the planet.  People had great disregard for our planet. Trash on the side of any road, flushing objects and poisons into our drinking water, and mistakes such as oil spills and radiation leaks have put us in a place where it may very well be a do or die situation.  I know. The way some people care for the planet has not changed. In fact, it”s getting worse. However, technology is helping in some awesome ways.

Renewable Resources

Today’s power demand is greater than it has ever been. As the world”s population continues to grow, so does the demand for sustainable power. There have been some wonderful technological advances to help this situation. With the invention of solar, hydro, and wind power we are learning to use what nature has given us to give life to our way of living without harming the environment.

Wind Power

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Save The Trees

Along with the depletion of the ozone, we were also laying waste to acres and acres of forestry and we weren”t planting them as much as we were cutting them down. With the invention of everything digital, we have greatly decreased the need for paper, which comes from trees. Most things are typed up and emailed or shared through apps and saved to flash drives. Even libraries with old fashioned books are beginning to become a thing of the past. There are many people who are not fond of that idea, but cannot refute how this technology has benefited the environment.

Cleaner Chemicals

Along the road of progress, we, as a society, have built much of our world by chemical means. We run our vehicles with gasoline, clean our houses with bleach and toilet cleaner, even the use of dish soap comes down to using chemicals. It wasn”t till the 1970’s that the dangers of chemical use came to the forefront of the battle to save the environment, but through the magic of technology, our chemical use has become cleaner, making our water supply safer than in years past.

The technological advances of today have created a long, broad avenue of possibilities in several of the world”s arenas. The betterment of the environment is of the utmost urgency and technology is paving the way. Educating the world is the key to making the transformation complete. So, learn what you can and help the environment through technology.

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