Ways to Improve Your Productivity on Your PC

People often assume that all you need to improve productivity is a personal computer. This is not accurate.  The computer makes things much easier and faster but the ultimate level of productivity will depend on you. Some of the things that you can do to ensure that you are more productive on your computer include:

Buy A Fast PC

The first thing you ought to do is buy a computer that is fast. If the machine itself is slow, then rest assured that all your work will be slow as well. In order to know how fast a computer is, look through the specifications before you buy it. Find out what you need for your work to proceed at a good pace. After this, embark on finding out which brand is likely to have such a computer. Once you find the perfect one within your budget, make the purchase and start your journey to higher productivity.


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Use a Mouse

It does not matter whether you are using a laptop or a desktop. You need to use a mouse. A mouse makes the process faster. It is much faster than using a touch pad. With a mouse you can access many functions without having to struggle. The same cannot be said of a touchpad on the laptop.

Keep Your Computer at Your Eye line

Do not have the computer higher than your eye line or lower. This will cause you to strain your eyes and your neck. In extreme cases, it will also affect your posture. If you are constantly straining, then you cannot do what you are supposed to do at an optimum speed. Ensure that your computer is horizontally across your eye line for increased productivity.


While your PC has all the features that you need, you will have to have a proper posture. Sitting upright helps you to have sharper focus and concentration. Slouching exudes an atmosphere of laziness which means that you are not as productive as you could possibly be.

Schedule Time to Read Your Emails

Having your email tab open through the day is a recipe for disaster. With every email that comes in, you will get a notification which will distract you from whatever you were doing. The trick is to set a specific time to read your emails. That way, you also get to respond in an accurate manner and prioritize what is urgent and queue what is not to be addressed later.

Use Shortcuts

Create shortcuts on your desktop and use them. The use of shortcuts saves a lot of time. The time it takes to access a specific file in a certain folder in a drive on your computer is longer than it would take you to just click on a shortcut, bypass all those processes and get to the specific folder or file.


People who exercise have more energy. Those who do not are often sluggish. Exercising regularly will boost your energy levels. It may not be directly related to your computer but it is important in the long run. If you have a fast PC and no energy, you will not be as productive.

Listen to Some Music

Sometimes you might be in a working environment that has noise and disrupts your concentrations. To solve this and increase your productivity, it is advisable to listen to some music on your earphones or headphones. However, the music should be mid-pace. Fast paced music will cause you to be over stimulated which might send your senses into overdrive. Slow music on the other hand, might be so soothing that you end up falling asleep or feeling tor relaxed. The secret is in the balance.

Proper Lighting

If you work in a room that has windows, open the blinds and let the natural light come in. this is very important because the lighting in a room can influence your productivity either positively or negatively. While dim light causes you to strain and waste some of your energy on trying to see, bright light may overwhelm your senses. Both of these are not ideal situations for a work station.

Regulate the Room Temperature

The temperature of a room plays a critical role in your productivity. If a room is too hot, you will be sweaty and uncomfortable, drawing some of your attention away from work and towards the discomfort you are feeling. If a room is so cold, you might use a lot of your energy warming yourself up. In a case where you are warmly dressed, you might find that this warmth causes you to feel sleepy. This is why it is important to have the temperature of a room balanced.


Your productivity and output is dependent on more than just having a computer. The type of computer that you have is a factor. Other factors are physical such as the posture and environmental such as the light and temperature settings. To ensure that you are productive, follow the tips provided and you will see great improvement in your output.

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