How do I ensure that the cost of my mental health treatment is covered under my insurance?

Mental illness is not a joke – long gone are the times when people with mental illnesses thought to be crazy, and no help given to them. As a society, we have realized that the high pressures of life can cause distress in people, and there could be a biological aspect of why someone might have a mental illness as well. In such a scenario, a lot of people today wonder if they have mental illnesses. They see themselves not able to perform to the ability of their peers. They wonder if they can get some help that will enable them to do better – for all this, the person with the mental health issue has to be diagnosed correctly. Still, a qualified physician (just as in the case of any other physical disease) and a well-structured treatment plan has to think out for them. 

I am not exactly wealthy but have mental health issues – do you think I will be able to afford therapy or any intervention? 

One of the first questions that anyone asks while considering therapy for their troubles or whether or not to visit a psychiatrist or a doctor is, does insurance cover therapy? Nobody wants the additional burden of having to pay an extremely high bill to post their treatment for mental health and would certainly prefer it if their treatment covered by insurance. 


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So how do I pay for my therapy?

Before deciding to take therapy, one might ask, Is insurance covered by therapy? The obvious choice, if you are not able to pay for your treatment up-front, is to consider funding the cure for your mental health struggles through the process of insurance. Now, while this may largely depend on your healthcare provider and your insurance company, most people will be relieved to learn that health insurance does, in many cases, cover help for mental health as well. Thanks to the recently enacted Mental Health Care and Parity Act, the due steps that must be taken to ensure the psychological well-being of an individual in the society is gaining widespread awareness and importance. Now, more and more employers are required not just to provide an insurance cover that protects their employees from the burdens of disease. Still, they are required to do the same for people with mental issues as well, making mental health more accessible to the average individual.

The ideal way to ensure that you get excellent service, proper treatment, and good healthcare is to approach your insurance provider directly and enquire about the various plans that they may have. If you believe that you have a mental illness, or have been diagnosed with one in the past, then it may make sense for you to select a plan and choose a coverage policy that can comprehensively cover the cost of treating your mental health as well. Furthermore, it also does good to remember that medicines prescribed for mental health issues are not just expensive (in most states) but are also heavily regulated due to their misuse – however, medications are only as necessary in treatment. So ensure that the medicines you will require are covered under the plan as well.

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