What different types of Artificial Intelligence are there?

Technology is something that shapes our lives to a huge extent, and many of us rely on it on a daily basis. This is only possible thanks to constant advancements in technology that have helped to solve problems or make our lives easier. Artificial intelligence is a great example of a technological breakthrough that has made a real impact around the world.

This is especially true in business, where AI is used by an increasing number of companies. It also means that careers that involve artificial intelligence are becoming more popular. If you enjoy working with technology like this, you will want to pick up the right qualifications before moving into this industry. The master’s of data science from Kettering University provides the ideal preparation for a job that involves AI, and no GRE/GMAT is required for entry.

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One thing courses like this can teach is the various types of AI that exist. Here is a look at some of the fields within AI you might want to consider.

Reactive machine AI

Reactive machine AI is the oldest example of this type of technology and has fairly limited capabilities compared to other types of artificial intelligence. Machines do not have any memory-based function and simply react to external stimuli as programmed by human users. The IBM Deep Blue machine that beat chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997 is an illustration of this type of artificial intelligence.

Limited memory AI 

It is fair to say that artificial intelligence has moved forward significantly in recent times, and this has led to the emergence of limited memory AI. This is also known as machine learning because the computers involved not only perform certain tasks but are capable of learning from them to refine future operations.

Limited memory AI enables machines to actively improve as they carry out tasks and sift through data. This is the most common type of AI seen in the modern world right now and is used in everything from virtual assistants to chatbots and software in healthcare that speeds up the identification of treatments.

Theory of mind AI 

This is one of the most cutting-edge types of AI that many people expect to make an impression soon. Although it may not be widely seen yet, it will not be long before it transforms our lives.

This type interacts more closely with whoever is using a machine. The machine itself is equipped with software and systems that give it the ability to pick up on users’ needs, beliefs, emotions and thought processes.

AI has multiple branches to it 

Artificial intelligence is something we hear about often and will be a familiar term to many people. Although it is easy to think of it as one concept, there are many different types of AI. Although the machine learning that limited memory AI delivers might be the pinnacle for now, new advances like theory of mind artificial intelligence could be something we see very soon.

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