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When it comes to preparing for entrance exams like GMAT, it is the biggest boon to get a dedicated and well-knowledge trainer. The Byju’s GMAT App is designed to bring this to the fingertip of every student. Byju Raveendran is the co-founder of this learning application. Getting trained from experts is now just few clicks away. Lectures in this app are the contribution of India’s best GMAT trainers Mr. Amit with GMAT score 760 and Mr. Santosh P.N with GMAT score of 780 + ISB alum. The app has 5 mock exams, more than 3500 practice questions and O.G solutions through Lenovo tablet. High level questionnaires are solved in intensive 80 hours sessions.



  • GMAT Course + Tablet – for 3 months – Rs. 28,000
  • GMAT Course + Tablet – for 4 months – Rs. 34,000
  • GMAT Course + Tablet – for 6 months – Rs. 40,000

This unique and adaptive learning technique is designed by top-notch GMAT trainers. The app is designed to offer real time exam results and answer papers for every test. By offering personalized question bank, the app is able to cater to every need of a GMAT student. You can download the app by clicking here.

Technical requirements to access Byju’s GMAT App:

  • Android 4.4.2 and above compatibility
  • Approximately 1GB RAM
  • Technical issues will be addressed by emails- support team

Package Inclusive:

  • Basic concepts 50 hours and intensive training plus question solving 100 hours
  • Sectional tests and high level questionnaires with video solutions (no internet required access)
  • Courses are offered in app version with compatibility of android devices above 4.4.2 version and also in SD cards
  • Live webinar 20 sessions of 2 hours each (total 40 hours)
  • Computer adaptive 5 mock tests
  • Diagnostic tool kit to analyse the exams on a real-time basis
  • Technically advanced training modules
  • Duration choice is offered for 3 months, 4 months and also 6 months
  • All are well- trained and certified trainers
  • Support team to assist with technical and non-technical issues

With more than 1000 subscribers every day, Byju’s GMAT App has 90% annual renewal subscribers. With the passion for teaching Mr. Byju took a step ahead to quit his engineering profession and initiated this video-based learning app. The app initially started with only (CAT) – Common Aptitude Test through VSAT in the year 2009. The success of this encouraged him to extend the app features for other exams and courses.

Byju’s GMAT App is here to address the concerns of conventional classroom learning like personalization of learning, quality teaching and also getting very exam-focused approach. In this era it is essential to increase the intensity of technology in learning as it helps in revolutionizing the education system.

BYJU’S The Learning App is used as a teaching approach even in Harvard University. Enhanced Interaction is offered to the students along with accessing education in an entertaining way. The conventional model of using books can be reduced and reduces the dependency of passive learning. Through this app Systematic Learning is activated among the GMAT preparing students who will be more time bound and tune to completing exams within specified time frames.

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