5G cloud-streaming games and the Right Internet Setting

The introduction of the 5G connection will change the tech world as we know it, especially for gamers. A real revolution is in any area where a fast connection can make the difference, managing a massive flow of data directly on our mobile devices from smartphones and tablets to augmented reality viewers or even cars that drive themselves. We could explore the worlds created in video games, accessing details that today are closed to us even with the most performing and expensive console.

The New Developments in the 5G Market

Tech companies are well aware of the difference 5G can make and its potential, which are entirely new and unexplored, and continue to test. Companies like Facebook”s Oculus division, which makes VR headsets for augmented reality, could offer their users an immersive experience. For gamers, an experience means finding oneself in the game in the first person, distinguishing even the single blade of grass moved by the wind in the virtual setting that is traveling. And this is what Microsoft video game developers are convinced of, aiming to create new, dynamic, and personalized “worlds,” where only 5G can represent the access key.

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Check the Internet Before Sending

Before connecting to a cloud gaming service, we recommend that you first test your Internet speed using the well-known site www.speedcheck.org. Just go there and press the “Go” button, and then wait for the result. However, you should keep in mind that your internet connection wants a lot more with cloud gaming than with, say, watching YouTube or downloading torrents.

5G and the cloud gaming revolution

The first to benefit from the 5G revolution will be gamers, for the improvements that this technology can offer in the field of “cloud gaming”, which allows direct access to streaming platforms to play video games. Just like we watch a TV series on Netflix or a movie on Disney+, the cloud gaming services offered by Sony, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google allow us to play our favourite games from any device, without the need to buy a PC with hardware.

The Main Problem

The fundamental problem at the moment is that the quality of a video game experience depends a lot on the console or the characteristics of the computer we are using. Take, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2, launched by Rockstar Games in 2018. A western world set in 1899 is rich in details: from the scenarios and the surrounding animals to the characters” equipment. Playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro, rather than a PlayStation 4, you will see details of both the clothing and the settings you might not have noticed with the Sony console”s previous model.

Other Requirement

Powerful hardware is needed and therefore expensive, to allow the game software to perform all the calculations necessary to display even the smallest details of the “game world” on the screen (or on the VR viewer). This hardware can be purchased and managed “wholesale” by online gaming companies, which can thus sell their “top of the range” service directly to the final consumer, provided, however, that there is a connection technology capable of supporting the massive amount of data this service requires.

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