When is the right time to be drinking water?

For many the question on when to drink water might seem to be a bit silly to ask. Now is there any particular time when you have to be drinking water. If you walk up to any toddler, they might be aware on when is the right time to be drinking water. On the other hand, if you are a gym enthusiast you might have heard people speak on when is the right time to be drinking water. For you this might seem to be a baseless discussion, but there holds some significance on when is the right time to be drinking water. If you are health conscious then you have to be aware on when is the right time to be drinking water.


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The best time to be drinking water

Before even discussing when the best time to be drinking water is, a common consensus is that you should be drinking pure water. Installation of a best water purifier in India for home solves this issue to a considerable extent. Always stick to the use of a water purifier and in case if you do not have one it is the right time to be purchasing one. Yes, indeed there are certain times during the day where drinking water could be beneficial for a healthy body.

Once you wake up

Are you aware of the fact that why Japanese people look healthy and glowing all the time? When they wake up in the morning, they drink a lot of water on an empty stomach. Experts are of the opinion that it can pave the way for a problem-free life by flushing out the toxins from your system. Even a host of health issues can be avoided if you drink water first thing in the morning. Eventually, it can lead to healthy skin and a glowing face all around the year. Furthermore, some people like to add a supplement, such as Activated You to their water, to help to restore the body to its natural, healthy state.

Before meal

As contrary to popular belief drinking water before a meal is an excellent practice. The moment you drink water half an hour before dinner or lunch it enhances your digestive abilities. In case the norm is to be shedding a few extra kilos then this would be of massive help. Consuming water before meals provides you with a sense of fullness as you are going to eat less food and whatever you eat is going to be digested easily. So double benefits arise if you are drinking water before a meal.

Before working out

Before you are about to start exercises the right time to be drinking water is 2 to 3 hours before. No way denying the fact that water is an essential element needed for our survival. Water improves digestion, circulation, helps us to stay hydrated and to a large extent regulates the body temperature.

Before you are exercising you need to warm up and ensure that your joints along with muscles are ready for the same. Once you drink water the joints are properly lubricated and even maintain the body temperature. If the body is dehydrated it is prone to muscle tear downs or cramps, so drinking water before a workout is important in order to avail the best of results.

After working out

Once after workout your body is sweating profusely as a considerable amount of water is lost. The dehydration can have an impact on your immunity levels and even overall health. So after a workout you need to drink water as well. The moment you are done with your exercise you need to wait for half an hour for the body to cool down and then sip water. A sensible decision would be to drink RO purified water as all the contaminants and impurities present in water is removed. RO installation services conduct timely inspection of the purification system from time to time. When you are drinking water after a workout the body replenishes the fluid that has been lost out during exercise. Because of this, the energy levels are maintained and you can cope up with fatigue easily.

Once you feel tired

Dehydration plays an important role in making you feel low as you feel fatigued. The best way to deal with tiredness is to drink plenty of water. It has been found out that even if your body loses out 1 % of water it can bring down the energy levels alarmingly. So if you feel lethargic and are having issues with productivity just go on to consume some water and observe the difference.

If you feel thirsty

This has to be an obvious reason on why we should be drinking water. The moment your body need supply of water it sends out signals replicating the same. Now the mistake that most of us commit is to gulp some liquid like tea or coffee in the hope that it is going to quench our thirst. But this extra dose of caffeine is needless.  Even after you finish your cup of tea this thirst keeps lingering on.

Rather than opting for any beverage choose plain water. You can gauge the fact that water is going to make you feel contented as compared to the other drinks.

Is there a need to be drinking water before you sleep?

To gulp down lots of water before you go to bed is not a right practice as per the views of some people. They feel that it causes disturbances in your sleep and goes on to put unnecessary pressure on your bladder.

This can be true to a certain extent, but you have to strike a balance in the quantity of water consumed. Just drink water, maintain a proper time gap and then go to bed. The system is going to get enough time to clean before you strike bed. In the process you also remain hydrated.

But drinking a lot of water before going to bed at night could have a negative impact in the long run. If you are suffering from heart related ailments you need to adhere to the instructions specified by your healthcare provider.

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