Here Are the Best and Cheapest SSL Certificate Providers in 2019

The Internet is a vast jungle that accommodates all types of users—good and bad alike. The unfortunate side is that the bad guys on the Net threatening other people are like flying birds. This means they can land on anyone’s head and cause havoc. But just as you cannot stop birds from flying over your head but can stop them from nesting on it, you can also stop hackers from nesting on your website. One way of keeping off these bad boys from landing on and destroying your site is by installing an SSL certificate. In this post, I will show you how choosing to buy SSL certificates will protect your website and users. Moreover, I will disclose the five best and cheap SSL certificate providers that can meet your SSL needs in 2019.


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Understanding What an SSL Certificate Is and Its Various Types

Before showing you where to get and buy SSL certificates affordably in 2019, I will define an SSL certificate and show you its various types. An SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an online technology that provides secure transmission of sensitive information by encrypting it between the server and browser. With an SSL certificate, your customers’ sensitive data is safe from hackers who seek to intercept it and decode it in between browsers and servers. With this understanding in mind, I would like us to proceed and see the different types of SSL certificates and their suitability.

  • Self-signed

This type of SSL certificate is meant to control traffic on internal corporate intranet networks. At this level, it is good enough to protect browsers and users from unsecured online locations.

  • Domain Validation (DV)

When you buy SSL certificates of this type, you enjoy the freedom of validating that the web pages you are interacting with come from the domain you expect, and not a phishing page. However, it does not show any other details about the organizations behind the web pages except that they are the legitimate owners of the domain.

  • Organization Validated (OV)

With this type of SSL certificate, you can use it across several enterprises. It reveals company credentials and those of the owners in question, checking them against vast databases such as those that local authorities hold.

  • Extended Validation (EV)

This type of SSL certificate is the peak of online SSL protection. It allows owners to give their users secure Web locations, email, financial transactions.

Cheap SSL Shop

We start our coverage of the best and cheapest SSL certificate providers for 2019 with Cheap SSL Shop. For business owners seeking to buy SSL certificates affordably, is one of the best bets in this coming year. It offers wildcard SSL certificates that protect unlimited number of domains under one security certificate. This company offers its wildcards at a discounted price of $59.50 per annum. For businesses that don’t want to spend more than $7 annually, they can find something for that much from this provider.

Network Solutions

This company resembles GoDaddy in many ways since it also offers other web solutions such as domain names. The company offers affordable prices and swift issuance.

The firm’s offers start at $69.99 a year for one website and it rises to $549 for an EV level certificate, which it issues within five business days. But despite its excellent pricing, many users have raised concerns regarding its customer support. So, if you already have some technical skills, you may not have an issue with it. But if you lack such a background or experience, then you might need to look for another service provider.


We have Rapid SSL, which is a reasonably cheap provider. The firm seeks to serve the small business community. It offers installation tools with its SSL packages. Moreover, its services run on GeoTrust’s infrastructure, because it is its brainchild. Its parent company, which focuses on big corporate clients, uses it to reach upcoming businesses that are cost-minded.

With only $59 per annum, website owners can get single domain certificates with 128/256-bit encryptions and a browser recognition exceeding 99%. For those seeking wildcard certificates that cover unlimited subdomains, they will spend $249 annually. Moreover, this package has a $10,000 warranty and a one-month money-back guarantee.

Moreover, the firm provides free support around the clock via email. It also includes free installation tools in its packages.


Even though many people know GoDaddy for its excellent hosting services and products, the company is also a serious SSL certificate provider. Moreover, it performs excellently in matters regarding security. Unlike what other providers offer, GoDaddy has a standard pricing for all its different types of SSL certificates. For example, its DV, OV and EV certificates bear the same price. The only difference comes in based on if you need to use the certificates for one site, several websites, or a domain with a full subdomain cover. Moreover, it is cheaper to install its certificates than renewing them. This means that a smart and organized businessperson can organize themselves to be installing them afresh annually instead of renewing. But granted, GoDaddy stands out as one of the best and cheapest providers for small and medium-sized businesses.


Lastly, we come to AlphaSSL, one of the most affordable and best SSL providers you can move with in the new year. The company’s cheapest plan starts at $49. However, the provider has a relative advantage over other providers because it can cover both www and non-www variations of user websites, including their mobile websites’ variations. The company is a brainchild of another big name in this sector, GlobalSign.

Features to Look for Before You Buy SSL Certificates

Having looked at what an SSL certificate is, its various types, and where you can find one affordably in 2019, I would like us to take another turn—features to look for before you buy SSL certificates. Here, I will reveal the most important factors and features that will give you value for your hard-earned money because different offers and packages suit different users. Moreover, making a misinformed buying decision can plunge you into an ocean of unnecessary technical and financial consequences. So, remain with this closing section to know how you can make a perfect choice for your website as 2019 draws close.

  • Trial period: If you are a new user or are dealing with a new provider, this feature is important. It will help you to test how the package works before sinking your money into it.
  • Browser compatibility: You need to consider this factor because many computers across the world still use different versions of Windows. Some run on older while others on newer versions. So, choose a compatible package that works well with both.
  • Prompt issuance: It is not enough to get a great and compatible package. You also need to get it on time. So, ensure that the SSL provider will issue your certificate promptly.
  • Refund policy: Before you buy SSL certificates, it is necessary to consider this feature and factor. It will give you peace of mind should because you rest assured that you will get your money back should you get dissatisfied with your purchase.
  • Timely technical support: It is also important to consider this factor because few users have the technical skills they need to use their certificates alone. If you are not a technically experienced person, this factor will benefit you since you will have someone to support you when you run into technical challenges.
  • Trust level: Lastly, you need to consider the trust level of the SSL certificate you want to buy. The reason is that your Web location needs require different levels of security and trust. For example, if you are not doing financial transactions on your website, you don’t need an EV certificate.

Why It Matters

The new year is at the corner, and your online security needs also need care as you match into 2019. Therefore, it is necessary to plan how you will secure your online transactions as 2019 comes with its unique online threats and challenges. In this post, I disclosed the leading five cheapest and quality SSL certificate providers. I hope the information I shared in this post is sufficient to enable you make an informed decision and buy SSL certificates worth your money.

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