Need a New PC? Why Building Your Own May be the Best Option

Tech developers continue to drive the market by creating solutions to everyday problems and increasing efficiencies. This means technology has integrated itself into the 21st century at a very deep and intrinsic level.

However, when making an expensive tech purchase such as a PC, how can make sure you are buying the right technology for your individual needs? Let’s start by thinking about smartphones – a device which 96% of UK 16-34 year-olds owned in 2017.

Smartphones – A Truly Personal Device?

Smartphones are very unique and ‘personal’ commodities. However, there are very limited options for customising mobile phone hardware. Despite this, given the wide range of models now available, it would seem that the demands of most modern consumers are satiated. Software installed by users enables personalisation, delivering a flexible, powerful and convenient integrated tool.


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What’s Different About Computers?

Whilst smartphones are used by people for a number of different functions on-the-go, PCs are mainly used by people at home or work for administrative and leisure purposes.

Computers generally fall into two separate categories: those built for specific functions and the ‘all-rounder’. It is therefore essential for you to find a model that really ‘fits the bill” for your individual requirements. Whilst the cost and size of PCs has decreased over the last 20 years, performance has dramatically improved.

It is important to understand the differences within the modern computer market, and why it can be challenging to find a quality computer at an affordable price.

Spend Less, Spend Twice?

Basic computers are readily available and cheap. They offer reasonable functionality, storage and power, meaning you are able to complete office tasks, run software and access the internet. However, processing speeds are likely to be slow, and your computer may struggle to operate high-resolution, memory-rich software.

However, the low price of any piece of technology often betrays a poor expected lifespan. A cheap computer may begin to slow down after a relatively short period of time. This can lead to inefficiency and frustration.

A High Price for a High Spec?

Whilst component parts of more expensive computers are of a higher quality – faster and more reliable – the computers themselves are often designed with specific functions in mind (e.g. gaming). Quality computers command top prices. However, you are likely to find that much of a high-end computer’s ‘spec’ is either irrelevant or completely wasted. This means you are likely to waste money on elements of technology you do not actually require.

Could Building Your Own PC be the Best Option?

Building your own PC can be a more affordable option, and enable you to own a computer that meets your individual requirements. Not only is buying the constituent parts of a computer far less expensive than buying a pre-built model, it also means you can pick and choose the quality of the internal components. From the power supply to the hard-drive; the RAM to the storage – you are able to choose each element to build the perfect PC for your needs.

Have you considered building your own computer?

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