7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone

Apple fans love their iPhones, which get more powerful with every operating system release. When new features are available, it”s hard for users to keep up with what iPhones can do to make their lives easier. Some of the latest functions don”t get advertised. For example, you may not be aware of the iPhone”s most recent shortcuts. Check out these things you didn”t know you could do with your iPhone.

Put Siri to Work With Voice Commands

Siri”s capabilities get more useful with every iPhone release. Apple”s assistant can now understand sophisticated voice commands. You can ask Siri to make dinner reservations, and she”ll bring up a few choices for you. If you”re watching your diet, just ask Siri how many calories are in the meal you”re about to eat. If you struggle to figure out how much the tip should be, Siri can help there too. She can perform calculator functions by voice command.

For date night, just ask Siri what movies are playing near you. She can also share which movies are any good. You can also use voice commands to review and update your calendar and read and respond to messages. Siri can set a timer, learn correct pronunciations, schedule alarms, and flip a coin. Talk to Siri to find out what else she can do for you.

By the way, did you know that Siri doesn”t have to be a woman? If you prefer a male voice, tap Settings, General, Siri, and Voice Gender.


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Fix an Unresponsive iPhone

Sometimes your iPhone may crash or freeze. Restarting your phone may solve the problem. If a restart doesn”t help, you can try to do a hard reset. T-Mobile explains how to reset your iPhone with a simple procedure using just a few buttons.

Note that a hard reset will return your phone back to its factory settings. Always back up your data so you”ll be ready to complete a restart without losing all your contacts, photos, and other information stored on your iPhone. If you have T-Mobile, simply back up your information on the cloud, as you”ll have nearly instant access to it with the nation”s fastest network.

Enable Screen Recording

With the latest iPhones, you can customize the Control Center. There”s a hidden feature that could come in handy called Screen Recording. Just go to Settings, Control Center, and Customize Controls. Tap the green plus button to add controls.

Add Screen Recording. Now you can record what you do on your phone. Your iPhone will store the recordings with your the rest of our iPhone videos.

Special Keyboard Features

When you”re multitasking, you can use a keyboard that Apple designed to use with one hand. To display this keyboard, tap Settings, General, Keyboards, and then select One-Handed Keyboard.

With your standard keyboard open, you can show special characters too. Tap and hold a letter if you need to add an accented version of the character. On the numbers screen, hold down the dollar sign to show different currency symbols. You can explore more symbols and emojis available on your iPhone keyboard also.

Add Bold, Italics, and Underline

In some apps like Mail, you can add text decorations including bold, italics, and underline. To do this, highlight the text, double-tap that text, and choose the BIU formatting menu. Now you can include text decorations in your email copy.

Tap to Top

With iPhone screens getting bigger, it can be a hassle to get back to the top of the screen when you”re scrolling through a long web page or email. Apple provided a shortcut for you to handle larger displays. Just tap the top of your screen to automatically scroll back to the top.

Take Photos Easier

Sometimes it”s awkward to try to hit the shutter button on the screen when you”re trying to capture the perfect photo. Instead, if you”re wearing Earbuds, press the up or down button to take a picture. You can use the volume down button on the phone too.

iPhones get more useful with every operating system update. Try these helpful iPhone to tips to take advantage of all the valuable things your iPhone can do.

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