How to Avoid the Distraction of Technology

Technology is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? It helps make our lives a lot easier, and yet it can make our lives tougher in some aspects. For example, social media makes it easier to communicate, in theory, but then miscommunications make you lose friends. Speaking of social media, technology can be so distracting. Your mind gets that dopamine loop going, and you’d rather refresh your profile or check your emails than get done with work or whatever it is you need to be productive with.

Here are some ways to make technology a little less distracting.


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Seek Help

Before we begin, we must stress that Internet and technology addiction are real. If you find yourself unable to get anything done and instead focus on technology, perhaps it’s time for you to speak to a professional about your problem. Ironically, you can use technology to help. Online counseling services like Regain can make it a whole lot easier to get help on your own schedule, and without leaving the house.


If you have a traditional job, you avoid checking social media because you don’t want to be reprimanded. However, if you work from home or have a small business, the onus is on you to make sure you’re not too distracted.

Instead of going cold turkey, try slowly reducing your usage. Take a break after you’ve accomplished a certain amount of the task you need to do, and make sure you don’t spend too long on the break.

If you mess up, don’t get too down on it. Instead, try to do better.

Use Filters

If you went to school after a time the internet was introduced, you probably remember internet filters blocking your favorite sites. They were annoying, but as an adult, they definitely have their own uses. A filter, which is usually a browser extension or a downloadable program, can block sites, or limit your time spent on them. Some of them can easily be uninstalled, but a few have security measures to prevent that. If you’re always misusing technology, this is worth looking into.

Don’t Forget About Your Surroundings

Besides technology, you should also make sure your work zone is free of distractions, too. Your surroundings can make it much more difficult to work if it’s busy, loud, lacks proper lighting, and so on.

Try Music

Some people swear by music or white noise to keep them focused and less distracted. Everyone has different musical tastes; some people prefer instrumental music, while others may be fine with singing. White noise includes a fan noise, water, and other ambient noises, and you can find white noise compilations on YouTube, or download apps that can give you all the white noise you need.

Make Sure to Take Breaks

When you’re distracted easily, it’s okay to take breaks to avoid burnout and to come back with a clear head. You can take a break for a nice meal, to go outside, or to spend time with your friends or family. Speaking of family, if you are interested in some cool family activity ideas, you can click here or look here for more ideas.

A Problem In the Making

As we become more integrated with tech, we need to be mindful of tech addiction. Technology is great, but when misused, it can become distracting, make you lose sleep, and make you feel like you’re hopeless. That’s why you should look into limiting yourself with tech whenever possible. Technology should be used for work, a bit of fun, and not be used too much.

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