Do Handheld Gadget Deliver Any Advantages?

New handheld technology has been welcomed with open arms by some and regarded with curiosity by others. Tablet computers, smart phones, smart watches, and even wearable computers like Google Glass seem to offer many interesting promises but does any of this new technology deliver real advantages?

Access to Entertainment and Information

Unlike traditional home entertainment devices, these handheld items offer a wide range of applications. For instance:

  • Mobile technology allows Internet connectivity from virtually anywhere
  • Digital media, communication, social media interaction, and more can be accessed through a single device
  • Users can access information, including navigation services, through these items

Entertainment is Not Separate

Handheld devices have transformed entertainment options by combining diverse functions into single items. Today it is no longer necessary to own a computer, television, stereo system, and media player in order to enjoy a full range of entertainment options. This new development allows more people to enjoy a greater variety of media at home and on the go.

The Future of Home Entertainment
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