How-to recover deleted photos on iPhone?

We have all heard the saying, ‘A picture is a thousand words’. As cheesy as it sounds it is true! We usually take pictures of things and people around us so we can go back in time and revisit those memories. We feel the need to capture these precious moments in life and keep them safe. However, things have been made very easy for us now as pictures don’t necessarily need to be printed and put into albums. We capture pictures on our smartphone nowadays and we keep digital copies of the memories, especially if you are an iPhone user. Every iPhone user happily captures every moment on their phones because of its high pixels.  We bet you have hundreds of precious photos stored on your iPhone and if by mistake these photos get deleted or lost, it is a total disaster!


However, there are a few options you can go in to recover deleted files. These options are as follows-

  • You can recover deleted photos via iTunes
  • You can also recover manually
  • You can also recover via iCloud

To recover photos via iTunes and iCloud, you need to back up your iPhone regularly. If you visit any Apply store on losing all your data, they will tell you to say goodbye to all lost data if you haven’t backed up. However, what do you do if you haven’t backed up your iPhone? We recommended that you download PhoneRescue for iOS. This software will recover all the lost data without any backup.

What is PhoneRescue?

PhoneRescue is a data recovery software which helps you recover all lost data without any backup. This amazing software works on all modes of phones from iPhone 3 to iPhone X.

Since this software is available for both Android as well as iOS. Make sure you down the one for iOS for the free trial at first.

How Does PhoneRescue Work?

So, even though this software recovers your lost files without back up, you must know that only those images and files are recovered which haven’t been overwritten with any new data.

Recovering data via PhoneRescue is a simple process, mentioned below is the stepwise guide to help you recover all lost data on iPhone-

  • Download and install the software on your desktop. It works on both MAC and Windows.
  • Connect your iPhone to the desktop.
  • Click on the option of ‘Recover from iOS Device’ on the screen and proceed.
  • Select on the type of data you want to recover from the given options of- photos, videos, and thumbnails.
  • Now you will see all the photos on the screen, especially the lost one. Now you will see two options, one to restore all photos on phone and second to restore all photos to the desktop. Choose the one you want.

With this amazing software, PhoneRescue you can now recover all your lost photos in just minutes! You can use the same software to recover lost photos on iPad and iTouch as well!

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