Smart Game Booster – PC Game Optimizer Review

There are many people who love playing games. But did you know about the after-effects of playing the game for a long time on your PC? I am sure you are not aware of it. So, switch to Smart Game Booster now. With one single click, you can boost your PC now. Some of the major benefits of the Smart Game Booster are that you can optimize your PC in just a few seconds. You can also boost the FPS and display FPS in-game. You can also monitor the CPU and GPU temperature. And one more thing you can easily free up more space for your game.


Smart Game Booster

With the help of a Smart Game Booster, you can now get a faster PC with less freezing time and less crashing. So, is this not amazing? Well, there are many other benefits also of the Smart Game Booster. It’s one-click game booster now works as an FPS booster, RAM cleaner as well as a start-up manager. The method of doing it is very simple; you just have to click on the BOOST button. And it will do the remaining work like ending the unnecessary processes, releasing more system resources, cleaning the RAM and disabling the startup items.


GPU Temp Monitor

And one of the best things is that your frame rate gets increased as it should be. And also you should remember to always keep your FPS value higher than 60 with a normal temperature. Did you ever come across such a situation where you can find your PC, CPU, GPU, and fans are overheating? Here are some of the solutions to check the GPU temp monitor. The average temperature of CPU when you are in a game should be kept as 75 to 80 Celsius. It should not exceed 80 Celsius. As for the GPU, the average number differs greatly, as there are different GPUs which are manufactured with cooling solutions which are different. Smart Game Booster displays your GPU temp inside the game and gives information about the motherboard temperature and fan speed. You will also get alert once the hardware is overheated.


Microphone Testing Tool

Most of the time the GPU temperature is set somewhere around 95 Celsius, whereas the optimal temperature when gaming should not be lower than 85 Celsius even when they are heavily loaded. Then you can also do the Mic test which is a free online microphone test which can be done with the tools available to help you test to see whether your microphone is working properly or not. There is no need for you to download, install or need for any extension. Microphone tests can be done online directly in your browser.

It is an easy microphone test which can be done with one click Mic test. You can check whether your microphone is working correctly or not. This microphone test tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees and also no ads. Also, there is privacy which is guaranteed. The online microphone test tool is 100% secure. There is no recording and nothing is updated/uploaded when you do the Mic test. If you are unable to do the test, then kindly check your network setting to make sure it is working.

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