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Nobody needs an introduction to data backup and recovery software. Everyone is aware of the importance of the files stored in their computer or laptop. And the very thought of losing it due to some unforeseen incidents is enough to drive us into panicking. A lot of alternatives have been proposed over the years that allow users to keep their data safe and available whenever required. Many people have a backup hard drive which they use to copy all the files and store it away. But the thing with physical hard drives is that they are equally susceptible to damages just as your current one.

In today’s age of cloud computing there isn’t a better backup option than to save your data on the cloud. With the best free backup software, you get the best deal there is. A simple, reliable and robust backup and recovery tool that allows you to regularly save all your selected data and recover it in case of a system failure.


Some of the key features of the best free backup software, are

  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple user interface which allows hassle-free operation
  • Quick back up of data
  • Easy recovery from safe destination when required
  • Allows user to choose which files to back up and which ones to exclude
  • Other than backup, it also allows to clone GPT disk, perform SSD migration, recovery etc
  • Compatible with all the latest Windows version starting from XP

In comparison to quite a lot of backup tools out there that performs backup of the entire hard drive, this EaseUS backup tool allows user to choose what kind of backup they prefer; comprehensive backup, incremental backup or differential backup. This is particularly useful when you have a backup size constraint and hence want to limit your backed up data. As a general, you back up only those vital data that cannot be reproduced. Thereby allowing the users to choose what they want to save, the EaseUS backup tool puts them on charge.

The best part about this tool is that in the case of a data loss, you don’t have to reinstall the OS to get the data back. All you need to do is recover the data stored in the safe destination using the best free backup software. Other than the free version, EaseUS offers premium versions like Todo Backup Home and Todo Backup Workstation. These comes with additional features like free tech support, outlook backup, email notifications etc. Kindly visit the product page for a comprehensive list of features, offers and price list.

Another important feature of this tool is that it allows users to clone GPT disk and partition. All you need to do is install the software, choose ‘clone’, and follow the onscreen instructions. The same can be done to partition your hard disk as well. The EaseUS best free backup software excellent functionalities and is a must use for any user who require a reliable backup and recovery software.

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