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When you are a professional writer, you need special apps that will make your text more attractive and captive for the reader. Why cannot you limit your work with the standard word processor provided by Microsoft Office? The answer is very simple. Every student and experienced author requires development and improvement of his skills. There are dozens of programs that can broaden your opportunities with their unique tools. When you plan to prepare a splendid and indigenous essay that will differ from other texts, you will need something special. Doubtless, there are different apps for different purposes. Every program has its strong and weak sides. Thus, choose the most convenient and practical software to complete magnificent and genuine essays for college, university and publishing houses.

A standard word processor is the most essential program for every novice and experienced essay writer. You are able to download LibreOffice and receive its free word processor, which resembles the classical Word-2007. The word processor supplied by LibreOffice possesses the same interface, tools and opportunities. You can make bibliographies, indexes, endnotes, etc. Furthermore, it is free of charge. Needless to say but this factor is very important nowadays. Very few people want to pay for their software. If you are one of them, LibreOffice is your smart choice. You can create your common texts, improve them with images and convert the entire document into PDF and other formats. The program offers its spell-checker and auto-formatting option that does not require any additional efforts for the construction of your essays.


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Do you know how to write complicated words, scientific terms and archaic words correctly? You have definitely noticed that some terms and old words cannot be checked in the common word processor. Complex scientific terms are often underlined and treated like grammatical errors. If you are good at the particular discipline, you know how to write archaisms and professional terms. In fact, there are cases when you use an unknown word and you need to check whether it is written correctly. How will you check it? TheSage is an up-to-date and useful dictionary that can help you check the spelling of any word. What is more, the program will offer you synonyms and the list of alternatives if you write something wrong. When you need the best software to enrich your vocabulary and correct all errors, TheSage is your considerable helper.

Every experienced author is enough ambitious to create his own e-books. Sigil is one of the best EPUB editors that can help you construct and design your e-book on the professional level. You can type the text directly in Sigil or convert the existing HTML files into e-book. Moreover, the book can be enriched with the embedded video and audio.

If you work on a complicated and broad essay, you will need a special program that will help you organize your ideas logically. TreeSheets is a program designed to help you take notes beneficially. The software possesses a spreadsheet structure with numerous cells. When you have an idea, you are able to devote a separate cell for it. Then, you can develop this idea within the specific cell adding new and new additional cells, which play the role of the branches of a tree. You can go from a category to a subcategory within a single click. Professional writers appreciate TreeSheets inasmuch as the common word processor cannot provide users with such opportunities. This program compresses tables, images and numerous dimensions of formatted texts enabling you to find the required data at a moment’s notice. You will not need to roll your Word document for a few minutes to find the needed information or create dozens of Word documents to write down every new idea. You can store everything you need in a compact way in TreeSheets.

When you research a complicated topic for your essay, you can use Evernote. This program can help you collect information from the Internet and store it in the convenient manner. You can store all notes devoted to the particular topic logically. You can save the full webpages, URLs, formatted texts, etc. Next, you are able to attach images and other files that are connected with your topic. The most valuable thing about Evernote is its opportunity for teamwork. The user can save data in the cloud enabling his companions to get access towards their common project. Evernote is accessed from any tablet, computer or smartphone running on about every platform, including Windows.

If you are a professional writer of a novice student who needs to prepare an authentic and factual essay, you can make your work easier with the help of the best essay writing software for Windows. Such programs as LibreOffice, TheSage, Sigil, TreeSheets, Evernote and Kiwix can improve the quality of your work.

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