How Telemedicine is Changing Modern Healthcare

Telemedicine has been around for years and is slowly changing the way that doctors and patients communicate with each other. Now it”s easier than ever to get in contact with a doctor for medical advice, prescriptions, and diagnosis of certain health conditions. While technology is rapidly evolving, so is telemedicine. Telemedicine is also changing the way medical exams are performed, in a way that the doctor or medical professional can remotely treat a patient at one location while being somewhere else. Medical companies have been turning the medical world on its head by offering state of the art technology and software. For example, one of the leading companies in telemedicine that is changing modern medicine is GlobalMed.

Telemedicine is about using hardware and software to connect to doctors and medical professionals. The hardware used in telemedicine are computer stations that consist of a webcam, computer, and specific medical equipment. These stations can be found in hospitals, schools, care centers, and patients” homes. One example of telemedical stations is Globalmed”s line of state of the art equipment. Their stations have been designed for exams, consultations, and specific healthcare needs.


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Another important part of telemedicine is the software. The software must be designed to be secure enough to be able to store confidential medical information. An example of this is Globalmed”s software called “eNcounter.” eNcounter is designed to connect caregivers and patients with simple tools that can be used to deliver a private and professional experience. The software comes fully customizable for the caregivers to be able to focus on specific needs of their patients. The software is also designed for patients” comfortability and access to and locating caregivers in their area or to schedule an eVisit.

An eVisit refers to the electronic communication and exchange of medical information between the patient and the caregiver. This includes video calls, submitting medical records, and prescribing medicine. Evisits can happen in doctor offices, patient”s homes, and any facility that has medical care. Evisits can be accompanied by a licensed nurse or medical tech, and can even be just the patient and the caregiver. eVisits are very effective because a caregiver can be in two paces at once. As technology evolves, eVisits have become smoother and more efficient.

Telehealth has become more reliable over time and is making it easier than ever to get life-saving treatment and medical help. However, one issue of telehealth is that it can only be successfully effective if the network connection it is on is just as efficient. Solutions to these problems can be seen with technology being built to address this issue and with network companies partnering with major telehealth companies, such as GlobalMed.

Telehealth has become a cornerstone of modern medicine and is slowly showing us ways to connect with a caregiver and receive proper medical care. Soon, technology will be so advanced that a patient may not even need to leave their location for advanced medical care; these advances are only the beginning of future medicine.

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