Significance of PMP Certification for Techies

PMP is the highest and most prestigious of all project management certifications often requiring a minimum qualification of an undergraduate degree. Though you are a techie it’s very important that project management skills

Getting a PMP certification is one of the most sought after skill and accreditation. It helps to validate you in the market as well as qualify you to be a member of prestigious project management bodies. PMP certification has a lot of academic and professional privileges including opening up more avenues for career growth in ways no other project management certification does.

  1. It expands Your Market Reach: PMP certification provides you with skills that are needed and relevant across the globe. A PMP certification is globally recognized which significantly expands the available job market for you.
  2. It Increases Your Revenue: Certified Project managers earn an average of 16% more than their non-certified peers a figure that has remained consistently high with most certified project managers earning in the six figure range. In a field that is increasingly competitive a PMP certification is definitely the difference between negotiating for better pay and settling for what the clients simply offers.
  3. It displays your abilities: While there is no conclusive research on the qualitative difference between certified and non-certified project managers the process of PMP certification helps to easily highlight to employers and to firms that hire project management skills that you have the requisite skills and expertise to handle sensitive industry related projects well.
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  5. Indicates Patience and Commitment: Having a PMP certification is a proof that you are willing to put in the time, skill and effort to learn new things and to adjust as you go along. Earning a PMP certification is a challenging course work that tells the world you have the ability to follow through on projects and accomplish them successfully.
  6. Boosts Your Networks: Being PMP certified opens up opportunities for you to be a part of conventions and industry related benchmarking opportunities exposing you to other PMP experts and specialists in the field.
  7. Enhances Your Skills: If you rose through the ranks as a non-certified project manager it is often harder to know which particularly set of skills in project management you are yet to acquaint yourself with. Pursuing a PMP certification helps you to come across quantified project management skills hence opening you up to the possibility of plugging your skill gaps and improving on your existing set of skills. Get trained from top notch training institutes like PMI, PM Study, ExcelR etc. to hone your skills and get certified on PMP certifications
  8. It earns you Respect: Earning a PMP certification gives you industry perspectives that could easily make you a thought leader and trend setter in the field. A PMP certification is a source of respect and admiration by colleagues earning you the opportunity to address the industry related issues. It earns you the clients respect for the simple reason that it indicates you are qualified and knowledgeable in the field.
  9. It markets you: There are very few managers qualified in the most critical aspects of PMP, meaning those who are PMP certified have an easier time securing the lucrative contracts and projects. A non-certified project manager will have to work extra hard to land the same level and frequency of projects as a PMP certified member

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