Signs It’s Time To Buy a New Computer

Purchasing a computer is a big investment.  It can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, and on average has a life of about 2 years until it starts going downhill.  Therefore it can be pretty frustrating when we start to see the warning signs of it degrading.

But how can you be sure that it’s not just the normal quirks of a computer rather than the time arriving to make an entirely new purchase?  Many people are so hesitant to have to drop a large amount of money on a new machine that they procrastinate and make excuses that the machine is just fine.  Don’t let this happen to you, however.  The last thing you want is to allow your computer to go into such a state that your precious data is completely incapable of being retrieved.

Take a look at the top warning signs that it’s time to purchase a new computer.


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Your Screen Keeps Freezing

If you can’t seem to download the latest operating system without your computer going into a total standstill frozen in time, it is definitely a bad sign.

Freezing is a sign of your computer’s performance power starting to slow down.  While certain remedies like cleaning your system or running an Antivirus scan to clear out any unwanted programs can make your system better, sometimes there’s nothing you can do.  It may just be time to give up altogether and accept that it’s time to buy a new machine.

It Makes a Strange Noise

If your laptop is making clicking noises that you’ve never heard before or beeps at strange times, this could be a sign of the hard drive being damaged.  The hard drive is the core center of your computer so if this starts to go downhill chances are the rest of your computer is going to follow.

You can take it to a specialist and determine if it’s perhaps something simpler, but strange noises are usually the bearer of bad news.

It Runs Slowly

If you upgrade a program or have multiple windows open at once and your computer just can’t seem to handle it, this is definitely the telltale sign of a degrading system.

When it starts going into a variety of strange messages and the timer icon remaining on the screen it can be so frustrating that you want to tear your hair out.

While there are workarounds to temporarily speed up your system, do yourself a favor and consider whether it’s worth the stress just trying to save some extra money.  Sometimes it’s worth making the purchase towards a new one just so you don’t have to sit through the agony of frustration as your computer doesn’t do what you need it to do.

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