Leveraging Technology For Modern Marketing Success

No one will deny that marketing and technology are inextricably linked. But since so many more people have access to so many more powerful tools, the next requirement is that you use that technology creatively and effectively. And that”s a completely different skill set!

However, with some basic research into available options, you”ll quickly be able to tell what kind of techniques and technologies you”ll be able to use for your own efforts. Consider the examples of gym marketing, countdown promotions, mobile opportunities, and free buzz from social media, and then keep in mind the way that the modern human attention span is shrinking, and you should be able to find your modern marketing sweet spot.

Gym Marketing

There are gyms all over the world. In larger cities, there can even be more than one gym on the same block, or even in the same building. What makes one more successful than the other? The answer to that can be as simple as the fact that one place has better gym marketing than another. And often, better use of technology is the reason for this. And that idea is the same for every industry. Though products and services for different niches can be almost identical, it”s the use of promotions and marketing that is the difference to the consumer.


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Countdown Promotions

People love a good countdown. And thanks to easy technology like the use of a countdown timer on a website or app of some sort, you can leverage that to your advantage. Simply thinking about the difference between two options – one that has a static date or number, and one that has a moving target, slowly approaching a zero figure, which one feels more exciting? Plus, with modern focus on time (smartwatches and the constant need to carry around phones, anyone?), people are already geared toward the “fear of missing out” mentality.

Mobile Opportunities

Modern tech revolves around the smartphone. The mobile revolution has smashed into the realm of marketing success, and that means no matter what, your promotional scheme has to include mobile capability. This could be by using actual geolocation data, or it could just be that your website has responsive design. But, without mobile marketing, any promotional idea is missing at least half of its potential audience.

Free Buzz From Social Media

If you learn how to use the latest social media platforms, you”re giving yourself a tech advantage as well. Early adopters throw a lot of weight behind ideas and products, so if you”re using the latest iterations of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram potential, then you”re on the right path.

Keeping Attention Span in Mind

And be sure to remember the modern attention span these days is tiny. If you can send your marketing and promotional message in a few short seconds, then go back to the drawing board. You need to make your brand, and your idea, compelling in the simplest manner possible, and then use technology to spread that message.

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