5 Car Gadgets and Accessories for 2017

The last few years we’ve seen an explosion in car tech gadgets and accessories. This year will be no different, with a rise in tech gear designed to make your driving experience more enjoyable, whether you use your car for 15 minute inner city trips or great long weekend adventures. Here are my top new tech gadgets for your car, no matter your driving style.

Zus Smart Car Charger and Locator

Now this little guy is seriously handy. Dude where’s my car? Don’t worry, Zus will find it for you. It acts as a honing device, enabling you to find where you left your car when you don’t remember where you last parked it. Remember the Seinfeld episode where they’re stuck in the parking garage the entire episode? Well, thankfully that won’t happen to you with Zus. It’ll also charge any device while you’re out and about, without access to a plug. And it’ll do it at 2 times the normal speed. Pretty nifty. This is the perfect accessory for those of us thinking of buying a used car, while wanting the latest tech.


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Bentley Entertainment Tablet

This one, of course is only for the big spenders. The Bentley Entertainment Tablet comes in the 2017 Bentayga ultra-lux SUV. As part of the in-car entertainment system the tablets are stored in the front seatbacks but can actually detach and be taken anywhere with you, just like a normal portable tablet device. The Bentley Entertainment Tablet comes with a Bentley-specific interface and full Android capability. Pretty cool if you’re in the market for a Bentley, a nice little bonus, though I wouldn’t suggest getting the car for the tech alone.

Smart DVD Players

Yes, DVD players in cars have been around for ages but the new smart DVD players designed for your car take your viewing experience a step further with tech that allows you to stream directly from your phone or tablet, through SD or USB. Certain brands also include built-in GPS navigation with dual zone function if your car doesn’t already have it. Of course they’re also Bluetooth enabled and you can use them for making hands-free phone calls so they’re fun and safe too.

Honda Ridgeline Truck-Bed Audio System

This is pretty cool new tech for anyone who loves their tunes and is also in the market for a new utility vehicle. The new Honda Ridgeline pickup has a truck-bed audio system that’s 540 watts and offers 6 weatherproof audio “exciters” that basically just turn the flat bed into a giant resonant speaker system. Perfect for the tradies of course. It can also operate at speeds below 10 mph.

Black Vue Front and Rear Dash Cameras

The Black Vue DR-650GW – 32GB 2 Channel front and rear dash cameras stand on a 360 degree movable mount to reach all those hard to see places. The camera system comes complete with a dedicated Black Vue iOS and Android app to control your camera settings. There are 3 separate modes; normal, event and parking. The gadget also comes with inbuilt GPS. Perfect for those with older car models that want the latest tech to make driving and parking easier.

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