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Communication is at the center of so many different things that we do, it”s hard to underestimate the importance of educating ourselves about modern tools as they come into play. It doesn”t matter if you”re talking about public, personal, business, private, academic, secure, archived, real-time, message-based, or countless other variations on the theme, the more you know about how to communicate, the better off you”re going to be.

And for the purposes of argument, you can think of scale, for instance international companies that need to have gigantic, high-quality video conferences, or you can talk about cost, in which apps like Skype are totally free, or mid-sized business needs, requiring private and consistent availability.

And with the advent of modern hardware like smartphones and bluetooth devices and wireless routers, and the advent of software (either public out of the box versions or private customized ones), there”s almost no limit to the speed of communication, when approached from the right perspective. So consider each of the following as ways and means to a better holistic communication effort on your part.

The Heavy Hitters

Heavy-need companies are going to require heavy communication solutions, and something like a Cisco partner fits that need perfectly. Hardware, software, infrastructure, and troubleshooting needs are all packaged in a way that delivers any kind of large-scale communication desire that a professional company may have. Video, audio, data, broadband requirements, hardware formatting and installation – they all come with an experienced staff of people who work for the most demanding clients in the world, and if you have an interest in their capabilities, representatives are no more than a phone call or a quick email away.


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The Personal Touch

On the opposite side of the spectrum there are the small but powerful options for personal communication. One of the most popular is installing Skype on your system. And then anyone who has an address can contact anyone else who has an address, and within seconds, people are connected for free with either video or audio feeds, anywhere around the world. This kind of thing was only dreamed of not all that long ago, and it”s interesting that the world has not quite caught up with the potential of this kind of power in terms of visual communication especially, as new context clues are available for everything from family discussions to quick professional meet-ups.

Non Real-Time Options

Non real-time options are a big deal now as well. This is the ability to leave a message, and potentially have a read receipt on the other end. Some common ways of doing this are through voice mails and text messaging, but other extremely interesting and efficient ways of doing group communication of this sort are available now as well. One of the most interesting is if you install the Periscope app, which allows both real-time and archived versions of messages and presentations to exist for a certain amount of time on a server, giving people a fascinating way to spread different types of messages, once again for free, based on interest and searchability on the greater net.

Cloud Services

Cloud services have a fantastic amount of communication potential as well. The idea that documents and projects can be stored on the cloud and accessed by multiple who can all work on them simultaneous is an incredible feature, and businesses can use this to have remote meetings, or act transparently to public access, or simply have a way that there”s only one document instead of many when it comes to any kind of official presentation point. Virtual black and whiteboards have become extremely popular in this format.

Online Business Chat Capability

And finally, even something as simple as making sure that your business website has an online web chat capability is something that many company owners haven”t fully realized. By simply having someone on staff handy and ready to ask questions of people who get on your site, there”s a possibility of a brand new style of connection that can lead to brand trust and finalizing of sales opportunities with an absolute minimum of work.

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