Hiring A Computer Support Technician: 6 Steps To Success


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There comes a time when businesses decide that hiring a computer support technician is the only way to go. They might have been using outsourced services for the time being, but now they’ve outgrown them. They need a way of getting constant support from an expert who can manage the entire business’ requirements. If you don’t want to get this part wrong, you want to make sure you follow these steps.

Step 1 – Specialized Recruitment

While other job roles might be suitable for a generalized strategy, computer support doesn’t fall into the same category. Here, you need to be finding the best of the best in your field, and you can’t afford to employ timewasters. Seek the services of a recruitment company that can find the best candidates for you, and bring them to the interview.

Step 2 – Tailor The Interview

Don’t be afraid to make this interview a challenge for them. After all, you need to ensure that you’re getting someone that knows their stuff. Don’t just think about catastrophes that might go wrong. You need someone who will proactively maintain your systems on a regular basis, so question them about this. Find out whether they understand the difference between spi vs uart. Heck, do they even know the difference between RAM vs ROM?

Step 3 – Value Experience Over Education

“All our knowledge is based upon experience” – Swami Vivekananda. That quote couldn’t be any more true, especially in this context. While degrees and courses are important, experience is just as key. It’s a big jump to go from the world of education to the world of work, and this person needs to be ready. If they have already established themselves as a valuable asset to another company, they can do the same here.

Step 4 – Be Honest With Your Requirements

You might think that by advertising for a computer support technician, you’d know what you were getting. Wrong! There are all sorts of computer technicians out there of varying levels. You need to be specific with exactly what you need. Are they going to be managing your networks, including servers? Tell them. Are they going to be building computers and restoring old ones? Tell them. If you don’t do this, you can’t complain when they tell you they aren’t educated to that level later on.

Step 5 – Create A Test

Don’t let them out of this interview before conducting a thorough test. This is where proactivity becomes your biggest asset. Find someone in the company who can create a variety of problems on an old PC. Then, let your potential employee loose with it, and see if they’re able to identify the issues and solve them. If they can do that, they’re off to a good start.

Step 6 – Throw Them In The Deep End

So, they’re employed, and you might be willing to give them some initial leeway. Don’t! It’s important to get them up to speed quickly. Teach them everything they need to know and let them loose. Of course, the initial settling in period is tough, but you’ll soon realize if they’re up to standard.

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