Your Mac Is Totally Safe — And 9 Other Apple Myths

You probably couldn’t wait to purchase your shiny, new Macbook. Mac users are notoriously vocal about their love of Apple products, and on the outside, it is easy to see why. The gleaming silver cases, the gracefully fluid interface — everything about Macbooks, iPads, and other Apple products seems absolutely perfect.

However, there are dozens of myths in circulation around the technology community that falsely convince people both toward and away from Apple. Here are the 9 most common myths to help you sort fact from fiction.

1. Apple Products Are Overpriced — True

PC users scoff that Mac lovers pay hundreds of dollars more just to have an apple symbol on their tech. Unfortunately, this isn’t far from true. The average Apple laptop costs more than double the average PC laptop, and during the recession, PC prices dropped about 13 percent while Apple prices remained the same. Apple often explains that buyers are paying for better quality, especially when it comes to design and interface, but when PCs come in any size, any speed, and lower prices, it is hard to say Macs aren’t unnecessarily expensive.

2. Macs Are Open-Source Friendly — False

Once, long ago, Microsoft was an entrepreneur-crushing goliath — but now it seems that Apple has taken up that mantle. Worse, Apple builds its beloved software through innovative open-source methods only to close down access when the product is ready for sale. Developers who tinker with Apple’s code after it hits the market face only the harshest litigation imaginable.


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3. Apple Tracks iPhone Users — True and False

There are a few key clues telling you that your iPhone is very aware of your every move: It notes when you are home and when you are at work; it knows your most visited locales; it even monitors how many steps you take in a day. The truth is the iPhone does send user data to Apple — but it is not nearly as insidious as you might think. Apple uses anonymous data to improve connection to cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots, and it has pledged to protect user data against government surveillance.

4. Macs Are Virus-Proof — False

In fact, it is true that Macs don’t get the same viruses that Windows users have to deal with — but that doesn’t mean that Mac users can let their guards down when it comes to computer bugs. The first Mac virus appeared way back in 1980, and since then, there has always been some form of bug or worm looking for unprotected Macs to infect. To keep yourself safe, you must have some form of antivirus for Mac installed.

5. Macs Are Malware-Proof — False

Malicious malware-writers want to hit Mac lovers just as hard as they hit Windows users. Through the years, there have been all sorts of programs (to name a few: Flashback, Pintsized, DNSChanger, and MacDefender) that have caused serious damage to users’ machines — and personal lives. There is no magic malware-proof prompt to save you from your own stupidity, so you should protect yourself with appropriate security measures now.

6. Apple OS X Is More Stable Than Microsoft Windows — True

Apple has capitalized on the concept that Macs don’t crash, allowing users to work uninterrupted and anxiety-free. Unfortunately for Windows lovers, this claim seems to be near unshakably true. Though Windows XP was a stable operating system, every subsequent version of Windows has been laughably glitchy; meanwhile, Macs have remained steadfast and true, with very few crashes.

7. Macs Are Students’ and Artists’ Best Options — True For Artists, False for Students

Youth are attracted first and foremost to beauty, and Apple products are undeniably more eye-catching than PCs. Students who carry Macs to class seem to boast a higher status than their peers, making the Apple logo outrageously coveted. However, considering students’ laptops’ use (and students’ low budgets) PCs are much more sensible machines.
Though PCs and Macs are becoming nearly identical in terms of specs, Apple does boast higher-quality sound and video for creation and editing purposes. Thus, artists absolutely should consider splurging on a MacBook to produce the best possible computer design.

8. Macs Don’t Do Games — False

Though Macs are geared toward creative types, the understanding in the gaming community is that you need a PC to get the most out of interactive entertainment. However, the truth is that Mac could be phenomenal gaming machines — if the market would catch on. Now that there are Mac-ready graphics cards, there is nothing stopping a Mac from being a gamer’s best friend, except the gamer himself.

9. Macs Run Windows Faster — Almost True

Windows was designed for use in PCs, but Apple’s machines are actually capable of handling the OS with speed and efficiency. Apple sometimes boasts that Macs are even faster than PCs at their own game; while most research has found this claim to be false, it is true that MacBooks can boot up in Windows and load detailed graphics at comparable speeds to the average PC competition.

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