8 Bulletproof Skills SEO Expert Must Know to Succeed

SEO experts come from different backgrounds. Some are entrepreneurs. Others are journalists, traditional marketers, or even past rappers. Essentially, just about anybody can become an SEO expert. You only need to master a few tips and tricks here and there, and you’ll be good to go. SEO Consultant New York have diverse writing skills. However, there are a few key tips that you must note as an SEO expert to see your work rank better in the search engines.

There are, however, a few people who have made it in their SEO writing endeavors without these tricks. But rarely does that happen. Also, what fun would that be if there wasn’t some sort of list that included controversy?

Here are the top 8 skills that you must consider when looking to improve your SEO writing


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1. Speaking & writing ability

Good SEO requires a lot more than confidence from the writers. You must also have the ability to distill all the complex thoughts and ideas down the concepts that non-SEO writers can also understand and make decisions with. An SEO expert who can convince his/her internal teams and clients to have the right things done when it comes to writing is all writers need. By this, we aren’t just talking about SEO experts writing articles like this one. It goes a lot deeper than that.

2. Critical thinking

It is crucial for SEO experts to have an analytical mind that is capable enough to differentiate causation and correlation. SEO experts who can understand the 3Ws of:

  • What happened
  • Why it happened
  • What to do about it

As an SEO writer, you need to realize that there aren’t any right or wrong answers to the above questions. What they do is help the writer get a better idea of what his/her thoughts are and how they can attack these problems. You must work to understand these problems from multiple angles and use this data and logic in making writing decisions.

3. Technical & programming skills

There will surely be more debate about this in the future. After all, there are some SEO pros out there that don’t have nor use any programming knowledge whatsoever but can still get some badass SEO work done. The truth, however, is that these people could be doing better kickass work if they used some programming knowledge.

SEO experts make recommendations about rendering, page speed, server-side redirects, basic HTML tags, microdata tagging, and lazy loading. Also, estimating the level of effort to the SEO impact is also a crucial step. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to write code.

4. Analytic skills

SEO experts could save themselves a lot of time if they could log into Google or Adobe Analytics and pull their data from there. Having a basic understanding of business KPIs is also another crucial step toward ensuring a proper SEO strategy. Therefore, if you can get your Google and Adobe Analytics certified then you could be in a better writing position. You don’t necessarily need to pull your own data from these tools. Sometimes, even just understanding how they work can help you immensely. However, if you can pull your data, then go on ahead and do so. If, however, you are not in a position to pull and segment the data, then the chances are that you are likely missing out on a lot of insights.

5. Social & drinking skills

Sometimes, just hanging out with your friends and work colleagues can bear more fruit than you could ever imagine. To make this possible, however, you cannot be a creep. You must be able to blend and get along with the others.

You will probably miss out on a lot if you spend most of your bar time arguing about politics and the likes. Also, it might be relevant to note that a conference bar isn’t a place to start looking for a new girl/boyfriend. It’s, however, a great place to catch up on SEO theories and tactics. You can get in touch with an agency like seooneclick.com/digital-marketing-agency-phoenix/ if you want to outsource your SEO efforts to a professional company.

6. Drive, motivation & adaptability

One thing that makes SEO thrilling and annoying at the same time is that it doesn’t turn off at the normal 5 p.m. office closing hours. SEO writing isn’t like the other jobs that you leave in the office every evening. It always stays with you wherever you go.

To be a good SEO expert, you must have the drive that pushes you and forces you to keep learning. Without this, you will only get so far.

SEO is always adapting and evolving. By this, we mean that there may probably be a new programming language, a new search engine, or a new framework that performs better than the previous one. Essentially, there is always something to learn.

7. Excel skills

Pulling the analytics data sometimes isn’t enough. You need to manipulate this data a bit to get all the insights you need. Many SEO experts cannot do even the simplest tasks in Excel.

In the writing career, SEO pros that create countless Excel templates to help them solve their everyday problems achieve more than the ones that don’t. Makes you realize just how much excel is an invaluable tool in the SEO business.

8. A sense of humor

The SEO industry encompasses lots of ups and downs which are also often at a fast pace. Which is why it is sometimes always important that you take a step back and live your life a little. Remember, it isn’t about saving lives; what you are doing as an SEO writer is marketing and trying to make money off of it.

As stressful as this job can be, the good thing about it is that most of it can always wait until tomorrow. Take a break from it all and free your mind. Doing this can also help make your writing job more enjoyable and productive.

Final words

Anyone can write SEO content provided you have a computer and know how to type. However, what now separates the pros from the other writers are the tips mentioned above. With the right SEO writing tools, you can get much better work done with the least effort. Try these tricks today and see how well they work out for you.

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