5 Common Test Automation Problems and How To Fix Them

Automation testing is important for instant detection of problems with software and also to generate enough insights for overall improvement.

Despite its superior efficiency when compared with manual testing, businesses are likely to encounter problems when using it.

While some of these problems are directly caused by the software used, some may be prevented by avoiding certain mistakes.


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Same results

Test automation is powered by lines of codes written by developers to only identify specific problems.

When a test is run and a series of errors or none-detected, repeating the test will not change the result. The only way a different result would be displayed is if the tool is upgraded or updated by the developer.

This is why it is always recommended to use Software Testing Automation tools from developers that release regular updates. Each update is sure to improve the testing capability and efficiency.

Slow execution

Test automation involves driving the entire system through the user interface while simulating real user experience.

This includes opening browsers (both desktop and mobile versions) while the software connects to a backend over the internet.

Over time, this process demands more resources and significantly impacts completion time.

The cumbersome process could make some tools return false failures, and once such an error is detected, it could trigger the detection of more errors making the whole problem more complicated.

Tools that use mixed approaches to automate testing will perform better in this. Check customers’ reviews of the software you are considering. If possible, reach out to previous clients of the company and ask about their experience.

Test Scripts and Framework issues

Problems from this usually stem from a lack of communication between developers and testers.

For test automation to be effective, the test scripts and framework need to execute seamlessly with the programming language of the platform to be tested.

Also, any changes to the codes must be communicated so that any parameter that needs adjustment would be attended to instantly.

For example, if the name of a database powering a source data is changed without informing the testers, the testing software will keep looking for the data in the wrong place, and if it can”t find it, error alerts will continually be displayed.


It is mandatory to have a strong network connection between the testing tool and your backend throughout the test automation.

Meanwhile, more than likely, there may be a disconnection. Any interruption in the network will cause delay and hinders testing progress.

Another related problem is testing against outdated data. Sometimes this is not intentional.

Automated scripts are expected to be updated regularly to ensure the platform tested complies with the most recent users” reality.

When the connection is made to the wrong data, it will surely result in wrong results.

A solid network connection should be provided throughout testing, while the data the project is tested against needs to be the latest version.

Lack of expertise

Test automation requires specific skills to launch correctly. Some companies may sponsor their technology experts on courses to equip them for the project.

Just like any other job, proficiency and deliverability are directly affected by the level of experience.

Hiring a company offering test automation services may help cover for the lag in expertise.

Common mistakes to avoid in test automation

  • Automating everything
    It is possible to get too excited when using test automation tools. The major caution is to restrict the urge to test everything. Some tests are best executed manually, except the developer of the tool gives the assurance. 

    Launching a bulky test will unarguably slow testing speed and increase the time spent on the task. It could even delay the launch date.

  • Not scrutinizing tools before usage
    Open Source tools are not bad for test automation, but that does not make them the best option for your project.

    Scrutinize any software you may be considering and make sure it is capable of delivering. If you are considering a company’s tools, ask for the contacts of their previous clients operating in the same industry as yours.

    Reach out and request their experience. You may end up getting a better recommendation or reassurance from them.

  • Ignoring backend errors
    When it comes to the front and backend of software, Newton”s law of action and reaction is valid. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    The front end cannot display what is not imputed in the backend. That is why you need to perform a backend test automation before progressing to the frontend.

    This will prevent lots of errors and will also help avoid making matters complicated.

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