Moving to a New Office? Keep Away from These Mistakes

Relocating your company to a new office space is a task that needs extreme planning and preparation. Also, corporate relocation takes headache to an all new level. From getting the paperwork sorted to hiring a professional movers company, everything should be strategized and sorted in advance to avoid pitfalls. Inquiring about the right questions to make the right choices is a good strategy to follow when moving to a new office space.


Read about the 5 mistakes that you need to keep away from when moving your office to a new space for a successful relocation.

Not Realising the Cost Involved in The Relocation Process

Understanding the cost and taking a decision based on the budget is one of the first things that you need to sort when planning a relocation. You should begin thinking about how you will manage the cost as soon as possible. From picking the best moving company within your budget to finalising the décor and lighting, every aspect where you will need to invest should be kept in mind, so that you do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Not Hiring the Right Moving Company and Insuring Valuables

The budget should surely be kept in mind when having onboard a professional moving company. However, simply because a company is offering a much less quotation than others should not be the deciding factor. Before deciding, check the company’s website, read online reviews, shop around and then take a decision. Sadly, scams are extremely rampant in the moving industry, so the least you can do is to research and verify. Furthermore, for a smooth move, ensuring all your valuables is the right thing to do. Relocation will cost you a fortune if you lose valuables in the process.

Not Equipping New Space with The Right Lighting

Your office is the face of your business, and a poorly lit space will surely leave a negative impact on your prospective investors while affecting the performance of the employees. Many studies suggest that the colour and brightness of the light can lead to small yet significant health problems like headache and dizziness. Conversely, any space with bad lighting can cause strain in the eyes of the employees, thus affecting productivity. From installing pendant lighting above primary workstations to equipping the space well with LED lights, all can be done to make your brand-new office space look appealing while creating a productive environment. Top LED manufacturers like Wipro Lighting offer a wide range of LED lights that help in efficiently tailoring lighting throughout the office.

Not Installing New Furniture

Just like lighting, furniture plays an important role in increasing productivity and the value of your office space. Your new office space should have an entirely new feel while being high on aesthetics. One effective way to ensure this happens is to hire a company offering commercial cleaning in Richmond, VA (or elsewhere more relevant) and have them do a deep clean of the new premises before and after you move in. This will leave all your surfaces shining and free of dust that gets kicked up by the move. You’ll then want to spruce up the look of your space with sleek, stylish and comfortable furniture while making sure that the space looks neat. A well-kept and aesthetically pleasing office space adds to the professional quotient. So, make sure you dedicate a part of your investment in buying proper furniture.

Not Keeping the Comfort of Commute in Mind

Last but not the least, the comfort of employees should always be kept in mind. Finalising an office space that is far from the city and requires hours of travel to reach may likely lead to attrition. Make sure the location you pick is as easy to reach as the current one and does not take a toll on your employees’ quality of life. To avoid this mistake, make sure you examine the location well, identify how long the commute will take and if required offer shuttle service to the employees (if changing the location is not a possibility).

The Takeaway

In the end, when it comes to moving your office to a new space, you must be ready for tough situations. Nothing is perfect, so, make sure you have a backup plan for everything. From getting your valuables insured to moving as smoothly as possible, keep a tab on everything.

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