How to Free up iPhone Space

iPhone users are frequently tortured with the annoying message “Storage full: You can manage the space in Settings” especially when it comes to model with 16 GB of memory. Usually getting rid of this situation involves the manual removal of applications, cache in Safari and other temporary files that permanently take up valuable disk space.

If you are not comfortable with the iOS menu, if you have limited time and if you want to do a more thorough cleaning that Apple can not provide you with the tools you have available, then iMyfone Umate for Mac storage cleaner for iPhone, our editor has had the opportunity to test these days, might be a good solution.

This program, available for Mac and Windows PC, can fix not enough storage on iPhone by cleaning up the iPhone and iPad of all those potentially unnecessary files or the rarely used data. The tool bar at the left of the interface is essentially divided into 6 sections. The first, Home, allows you to quickly scan all files (in our case it took about 15 seconds) and, with single click, then automatically remove junk, temporary files, photos, applications and large files.

1.Home Page

2.Smart Scan

For those who wants to have more control and know in advance which files to be removed, or simply wants to delete only one or two of these categories, you can choose the one of the main functions tab instead of beginning with Quick scan in the Home interface.

From section of Clean Junk Files, you can run a scan and remove all of them with a single click, or only delete the crash log, photo cache, downloaded files, temporary files, cache or cookies generated by third party apps.

3.Junk file clean-up

The Section of Clear Temp Files instead acts directly on the much talked about “Other” folder that you see when you connect to iTunes iPhone and iPad, of which the only manual solutions include backup and restoration of entire devices.

4.Temp file clean

A handy section Compress Photos allows you to maintain a copy of the photographs on the iPhone going to compress files. Besides that you back up the original files, so without any compression, directly into a folder on your computer. In this way practically they bring the photographs to secure but at the same time you can continue to browse on your phone to a still acceptable resolution but much lighter.

5.Lossless compression

With the Delete Large Files menu you can delete large files (such as video), certainly convenient when you have to deal with many files you want to delete with a single click.

6.Large file deletion

The last function, Remove Unused App, allows you to delete applications that are deemed less useful by selecting an app list. Apps are listed in the order by size, so on the top you will have those who take up more space, choose the apps more easily.

7.App uninstallation

The use of all these functions, in our case led to a major cleaning of the device, initially with 5.09 GB of available space, has recovered about 4.75 GB, for a total of 14.77 GB of free disk space. In total it took just over 20 minutes, far less than what we would have certainly used by manually and without any software.

iMyfone Umate iPhone cleaner software is currently on offer on the official website at $ 19.95 with 40% off discount. And  clients can try the software for free that allows you to perform a full scan of the connected devices. In addition to empty an iPhone with almost full storage, it can be used to remove the junk files for once, compress the latest five photos and remove one application.

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