Panda update: Cutts eyeing for quality content

Quality or quantity? There has been a long debate with regards to the fact whether “quality” or “quantity” matters. However, it came to en emphatic end with the head of spam, Matt Cutts giving due importance to the quality aspect with regards to the functioning of the sites.

The sudden move is inevitable especially with regards to the changed Panda algorithm, where there will be regular updates on monthly basis. Interestingly, it will not be limited to a day or so as it will spread for days together, possibly for 9 or even more days in a row.

When there is a talk of Panda algorithm, how can there be no mention of its history?

History of Panda algorithm

Launched in 2011, the main motive of Panda algorithm is to give due respect to the quality sites. Google has come of age with regards to various improvements especially with regards to its indexing and ranking systems. A well maintained and high quality site has far more visibility and exposure in the search engine while those with duplicate or substandard content get the taste of their own medicine. Since, they slowly loose their authencity in search engines and are no more visible after a certain period of time.

Secondly, you might be asking as to how Panda integrates into Google Indexing?

Well, read the post for more:-

I am going to give you example which will ease you towards understanding about the whole changed Panda algorithm.

Suppose, there is a Google update on 9th of the month. Unlike before, now the impact will be heard for a good number of days and most importantly for roughly 10 days. As it is said in the beginning of the post, that Panda algorithm will be a monthly exercise, hence site owners are going to witness the change in each and every single month of the year.

So, if you are wondering as to what’s the purpose of the changed algorithm?

This is a basic step towards ensuring a quality check with regards to content since Google will maintain transparency by ensuring that the hard work of any body doesn’t go down the drain.

A sneak peak at what you see in the picture

The picture speak volumes about the concern of the blog owners with regards to the “quality” of their content since Matt Cutts is having an overall watch on the same.

What Matt Cutts wants from you?

Matt Cutts expects each and every single one of the webmasters to stick wit the highest degree of standard while supplying informative, updated, fresh as well as engaging content to your blog. This is a sure cut exercise which attracts customers to your blog. Therefore, at a time when there is a regular introspection of your content, then it becomes all the more important to regularly monitor your site in terms of doing proper SEO along with adhering to every single thing for the betterment of your site. Isn’t it?

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