How to choose the best Engineering colleges?

It is quite amazing how quickly Engineering have grabbed the spot for the most desired and popular course among students seeking to excel in their chosen field of study. In the last decade or so, the number of students enrolling for Engineering courses has increased leaps and bounds. And this is not a phenomenon that is confined to a few metros; this trend has been on the rise throughout the nation, across towns and cities.
This high interest generated towards this course has had a downside too. The number of engineering colleges providing quality education, excellent academic support, fully equipped workshops, and job placements is quite low compared to the sheer number of applicants. This has resulted in a situation where there is an incredibly tough competition at the Engineering entrance exams levels to get into these prestigious institutions.

A basic overview through the different engineering colleges and entrance examinations associated with them will give you a list of the most preferred ones. These will include

  • GATE
  • JEE, etc

Although the exam syllabus remains more or less the same in most of these entrance examinations, the pattern might vary depending on many factors. For instance, the JEE is aimed at filling up engineering seats in India’s prestigious IIT’s and NIT’s. Understandably, the question standard for the exam should be far higher than the exams of other colleges. Therefore, you need reliable sources that give you information on various exams. For instance, BITSAT exam tips might be completely different from the JEE exam.
Similarly, the application date, examination schedule, exam date, results declaration etc will be different for different boards. More often than not, we see a situation where candidates of one state crossing border to attend the engineering entrance exams of a different state. Therefore, to keep a tab on all the developments associated with the conducting of entrance exams is no minor feat. This makes it imperative for students and their parents to have access to a comprehensive database of such details.

Such a website will definitely save the time and money of both the student and his parent and thus allowing him/her to concentrate completely on cracking the entrance exam. Just imagine if someone has to search the newspapers or individual websites of each of the entrance exam boards for viewing updates and addendum”s. On the other hand, if they have access to a website that provides updated and reliable information on engineering entrance exams whenever they want it, wouldn”t it be a time saver?

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