5 Tech Tips For Keeping Your Car Ship Shape

If you need to get around, it”s good to have a car. And if you”re like most people these days, you have a smartphone. Now, the trick is to use the tech in your phone to make the most out of your vehicle experience. Technology is amazing, right! All of those either frustrating or mythical aspects of car maintenance, reduced in complexity to the click of a few buttons. Life is good.

And though you can find a million ways to make this relationship happen, here are five specific tips, including some suggestions about scheduling maintenance, reading car errors, keeping a calendar, working the YouTube angle, and avoiding bad weather and accidents on the road.

Schedule Service Online

You don”t even have to make a phone call anymore when it comes to scheduling service or maintenance on your car anymore. Log on anywhere you have access to the internet, fill in your details in a few boxes, and you”re golden. You may remember times in the past where trying to convey information to a mechanic or dealer was frustrating, or perhaps you couldn”t even get through, but now it”s easy as pie.


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Learn To Use Vehicle Error Readers

In newer cars, there”s a computer hookup that you can plug a reader into in the event of many different types of vehicle failure. The reader will give you a code back, and then you can look up what that code means for your particular situation. A sudden stall in the middle of a road is a pain. But once you hook it up and look it up, finding out there”s something wrong with your O2 sensor will save you tons of time and money.

Schedule Car Repairs on Your Phone”s Calendar

And you can use your phone for scheduling dates in the future as well, using your calendar and reminder apps. Put it in your phone that you need to get an oil change by a certain date. Or when you want to get your car washed. Or when you should check your transmission fluid or air filter. Get that stuff out of your mind and into your phone.

Use YouTube Regularly

There are countless ways to use YouTube to help your car”s lifespan as well. You can look up pretty much any question you want, and dozens if not hundreds of high-quality videos are there just sitting there waiting for you to peruse, and for free.

Avoiding Bad Weather Or Accidents

And the final way you can use tech to help your can out is by having apps installed that warn you about bad weather or traffic accidents. By avoiding potential trouble areas, you”re doing yourself and your vehicle a great service.

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