3 Inspiring Pieces of Advice To Kick Off Your Digital Promotions

So you found some piece of advice somewhere that suggested that you need to do more digital promotions. Regardless of your brand, your industry, or the product that you’re selling, digital is the way to go if you want to reach as many people as possible most effectively. Unfortunately, this piece of advice applies to everyone. So you have to figure out how to be particularly inspired when it comes to your project goals and your project activities.


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Three things will get you started. First of all, when it comes to a digital campaign, you need to get people to opt in to your advertising. All of your efforts will lead to nothing if people don’t want your information. Secondly, it’s crucial to use permission marketing. Third, avoid overcooking your message. Saying the same thing over and over again may work for large companies who already have a captive audience, but for newcomers, it can just feel annoying. Lastly, pay attention to feedback analysis. If you have some way to track your digital promotions, look at what the numbers are saying and adjust accordingly.

Getting People To Opt-In

No one likes spam. No one likes being bombarded with information, advertising, and promotions that they don’t want. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that people opt into your messaging. It’s even better if they regularly have to refresh their interest in what you’re doing. It is the way that you know people want the kind of information that you’re putting out there. Opt-in campaigns are exponentially more successful than campaigns that rely on neutral or disinterested recipients of your messaging.

Using Permission Marketing

Closely related to the idea of an opt-in campaign, you should use permission marketing whenever possible. It is one more example of asking people if they want what you’re going to give them. Rather than just throwing your digital advertising and promotions into the stratosphere and seeing what sticks, permission marketing allows you to target the people who are already invested in your product or service.

Don’t Overcook Your Message

Have you ever noticed what happens when you see the same dis-interesting message over and over again? You start to have a very negative feeling about that product or company. If you go overboard with your digital messaging, just because it doesn’t cost you anything to repeatedly hit a submit button, then ultimately people will reject your efforts. Be smart about the type of advertising you put out there and how often it gets put out in front of people, and you’ll have a much better chance for success.

Pay Attention To Feedback Analysis

There are plenty of feedback analysis tools that you have at your disposal once you start tracking your digital promotions as well. Depending on the kind of advertising that you use, you can look at what is the most successful regarding gaining people’s attention, and you can tweak your presentation to determine cause and effect of success rates.

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