5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing problems can be a real pain. They completely put your life on hold, are often messy, and can end up costing you a small fortune. If you”re having plumbing problems, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your repairs.

Here are five points to keep in mind when trouble occurs.

1. How much does the repair cost?

You might be surprised to find that sometimes it”s cheaper just to buy a new part than it is to repair the old one. Always consider all options for fixing the plumbing problem.

2. How often do you need to make repairs?

If you”re constantly having to fix a clogged toilet, it”s probably about time to go ahead and replace it. It might cost more money to replace something, but it will save you over time in the repair costs your would have had to make.

3. How old is the broken equipment?

Plumbing can”t last forever. Sometimes it”s smart to replace old plumbing before there”s even a problem, especially if there are possibly harmful metals like lead in your pipes.

4. Are there more energy efficient options?

For a lot of people, saving on energy and water bills is great incentive to switch to more energy-efficient plumbing options.

5. Is your current setup safe?

Even if you make repairs and fix the problem now, will the plumbing be safe in the months to come? Consider problems that you might face in extreme weather year-round before you make repairs.


Get the most out of your money

Depending on what you”re repairing, you can usually find websites with the exact tools, plumbing replacement parts, and advice you need to fix the problem yourself. If you”re not comfortable fixing a plumbing problem yourself, it”s worth it to at least call in a professional to assess the situation and possibly make the repairs and replacements for you.

Problems such as leaking faucets and clogged drains are easy to fix on your own, and they”ll usually stay fixed. Other problems, such as cracked porcelain, burst pipes, or broken valves, will need to be replaced, otherwise they”re just going to break again and the time and money you put into fixing them will be a complete waste.

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