How to Select a Product Reviewing Site?

Product review sites are available in the big ocean of internet, but looking out for an impartial one which operates with integrity can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With information bombarded, it gets quite hard to look for the reputed product reviews. They only promote products favorably, when they make money through its affiliate links. Here are some guidelines to assess a site and see their true intent:

Whom is the site run by?

A real product review site will have an author’s bio, about or info page where the details of the owner of the site is mentioned. Most of the sites which claim to be product review websites are run affiliates stating to get reviews on products which are honest, but they solely intent to recommend the product only they write about.

Does the site review several products or just one?

A site which presents reviews on variety of products has more chances of being neutral rather than the one which writes reviews about one product. Why would some face the problem of creating a website for one product and then add a negative review to it. Of course, the reviews will be positive. Single product sites are famous with affiliate marketers as SEO adds strong weight to the usage of keywords in the domain name.


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Do the reviewers just have positive points for the products they have reviewed?

Well, a truly neutral product review site should have negative as well as positive reviews. If all the reviews are shining and every product is endorsed, then there is a great chance that the reviewer is just serving his own interest rather than of the consumers.

Do the review headlines have the word “Scam”?

It is a traditional tactic followed by several unscrupulous reviewers to use keywords in the titles and present it a rising fact to add to the trust factor. Simple headlines which reads like “is the product is a scam”? Doesn’t mean that they have given the honest review about the product

Do they explain how has the review of the products been conducted?

A big point to check the integrity of the site is if the website details how the products have got reviewed- what have they looked for, how have they evaluated the products and whether they have utilized the product before reviewing it or not! These points should be completely disclosed at the bottom of the review.

Do the site renders info about other consumers, marketing details or just reviews?

A consumer oriented site just focuses on the interest of the consumers. Reputed product sites usually provide additional advice and info along with the reviews.

If you’re looking for honest and genuine reviews, then go for blog advertising network articles. These sites provide the right exposure to a brand or product in a simple yet effective manner. Get reviews on products from a high quality blog site which adds to your experience and you will surely not be cheated by anyone.

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