CactusVPN: Your Savior to Anonymity in Web

Ever since people started considering online privacy as a BIG THING, there was a huge rise in number of VPN services that help you keep yourself anonymous while accessing various web-based services. Now, as there is a big number of surveillance programmes around you, it has become inevitable for most of us to use VPN Tunneling solutions to keep our anonymity veiled! Today, however, we have come up with the review of one of the most notable VPN Tunneling solutions out there — CactusVPN, and in this post, we shall have a look on various aspects of this wonderful solution, considering how CactusVPN will be an addition to the protection of online privacy. First, we will have an introduction to CactusVPN.


CactusVPN, although having its inception a while back, is an up-to-date VPN Tunneling solution provider, which does serve well when it comes to anonymity in web. Despite the fact that dedicated software of CactusVPN is available for only two platforms, support list of CactusVPN will amaze you, as it includes almost every computing platform such as Ubuntu, Chromebooks, Android and iOS. In addition to VPN Tunneling solution, CactusVPN offers other features, for instance, Smart DNS, which helps users debunk borders of internet content censoring and access what they want to access. Altogether, when it comes to your protected identity in World Wide Web, CactusVPN is undoubtedly the best choice you can grab. Now, however, we will have a deep look on various aspects of this VPN Tunneling solution.


Of course, security is an important aspect when it comes to VPN Tunneling, as most of us use VPN Tunneling solution to ensure security of your internet traffic. And VPN Tunneling works by encrypting your internet traffic and tunneling it through VPN Servers. When we consider the case of CactusVPN, however, you don’t have to fear because the VPN service uses 256-bit AES Encryption technology for encryption purposes, which makes enough sense! In addition, to help you get rid of accidental issues, VPN Software of CactusVPN has a feature called Application Killer that shuts all predetermined application when there is a failure in VPN Connection establishment.

Great Support

Apart from offering support for almost every computing device out there, let it be Tablet PCs, PCs and Smartphones, CactusVPN has an enviable support section, comprising Frequently Asked Questions and mainly tutorials that will be helpful in implementing VPN connection in your device. These screenshot-based tutorials make enough sense, we bet.

Availability of Servers & Protocols

CactusVPN is the best when it comes to the case of servers and protocols as well! The well-established VPN provider has 14 VPN servers around the globe, and these servers are located in five different countries, offering access to one or other exclusive services. For instance, while the UK and USA Servers help you stay anonymous while browsing, it’s possible for you to use Romanian or Netherlands servers of CactusVPN to download torrents without revealing your identity. Likewise, to suit different requirements, CactusVPN offers five different VPN Protocols, including SoftEther, which is known for its excellence in all aspects of a VPN Tunneling protocol.

The Bottom Line

While recalling what has been said earlier, CactusVPN is a wonderful VPN Tunneling solution that lets everyone have a mask of anonymity while accessing web. Particularly, we loved its level of security as well as wide variety of servers and protocols!

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