Why You Need Ruby on Rails Consulting

The prevalence of Ruby on Rails in the software programming industry has gone through a significant rise since the mid 1990s, partly due to the continual demand for the development of web-based software applications. With the help of Ruby on Rails developer consulting services, a number of successful companies that benefit from the use of the open-source web application framework have made important strides.

More commonly known as Rails, this framework allows companies to enjoy a seamless and quick setup of their applications. From startup firms to more well-known companies such as Yahoo! and Amazon, Rails plays a considerable role in their operations. Hiring a consultant for Ruby on Rails development projects would help foster more productivity for companies.


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Though some critics have argued against the efficiency of Rails compared to other programming languages, including the Java platform, experts predict that it has the ability to carve out a major niche in the software market. This can be supported by the success stories of companies like Groupon, Hulu, and Twitter among others. The daily-deal website”s rise to fame has been made possible with the use of Rails technology to support more than 38.5 million North American subscribers.

Another benefit of the open-source framework deals with controlling risk. Companies are attracted to the idea of using Rails because of its ability to provide a low-cost and quick setup of web and mobile applications with low capital requirements.

Fortunately for the industry, competent Ruby on Rails developer services exist. Despite being less common for Rails, some of these companies are highly experienced in partnering with clients for all sizes of Rails projects for different industry verticals, including social networks, consumer web apps, eCommerce and SaaS platforms. For access to a wider audience, look for companies that are well-versed in the programming language for both iOS and Android applications.

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