Addiction, There’s An App For That

While there may be a running joke that there’s an app for everything, addiction is no joke. However, there is an app for that.

If you or someone you know suffers from addiction it’s important to get professional help, which means going into rehab and talking to doctors and therapists. Once you have been through those steps, a recovery app can help you stay on the path you are on, and stay clean.

Most of the recovery apps are geared towards those with an alcohol issue, but they could probably easily be helpful to someone recovering from drug addiction as well. They are also great for teens or adults.

RecoveryBox App

The recoverBox app is made to help recovering addicts get through things one day, or one light, at a time. It helps you understand and recognize your triggers. It keeps a count of your days sober. The bonus of this app is that it is made so that it can be set up for people recovering from drug addiction, gambling, porn addictions, alcohol addiction, and it can even be customized for other addictions.


12 Steps AA Companion

AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, is a group that anyone with an alcohol addiction knows. They help people recover from addiction through a 12 step program that helps them accept and understand their addiction.

This app is a great companion for anyone going through AA, or even for people who haven’t gotten that far yet. It keeps tabs on how long you’ve been sober and it has all the steps within for you to look back on when you need to.

iPromises Recovery Companion

Sometimes the hardest part of get and staying sober is staying positive about life. This app greats the user each day with a positive statement to help them get through it all. Not only does this app work to keep you focused, and in touch with encouraging people, it also can help you find the nearest AA meeting when you’re in need.

Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson

If you’re open minded enough and want to give hypnotherapy a try, hypnotist Andrew Johnson has an app that can help people fight addiction through hypnosis. He uses visualization and various relaxation techniques to help you recover.

These aren’t the only recovery apps out there. A quick search through the Google Store or iTunes may turn up a variety of options. Before picking the right one for you, take a time to look at ratings and reviews and find out which ones have helped people. If you pick one that has glitches it isn’t going to help you stay calm and relaxed!

Beating addiction is never an easy thing, but it is nice to know there are a lot of options out there to get the help you need to successfully recover.

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