IOTransfer 3 Review: Your Best iPhone/iPad Transfer and Video Downloader

Have you ever sat with your phone open on a long airplane journey or a train journey and wondered how you could possibly pass your time? Have you been offline in a no wifi zone, praying reverently for some internet to catch up on that show you have been waiting for so eagerly to watch? Or have you just fallen in love with a video on YouTube that you want access to all the time, even when you are offline? Well, with an iPhone, you might find all of that hard to achieve. However, with the Youtube Video downloader, and the IOTransfer 3 all of this can be done in a jiffy and much more!

What is it?

Despite Apple releasing new models of phones with phenomenal features almost every year, the iTunes still remains a huge disaster for users and is extremely inconvenient with tremendously confusing features. To solve your syncing needs, to prevent freezing and crashing and to ensure functionality with Windows 10, it is strongly suggested to users to consider alternative software for their phones. For all frustrated iPhone users, perhaps the most irritating aspect of owning an iPhone is the terrible media transfer and sync features of the phone.


As the name suggests, the iPhone transfer (IOTransfer 3) is a software developed to ensure seamless transfer of files across all iOS platforms. It is a novel, convenient and unique way to manage your mobile media files and is also very dynamic in its functionality. This software directly connects your computer with your iDevice providing a two-way transfer of files in an easy and quick way. It also does not require an Apple ID, and therefore you can manage your music, books, movies, and photos in the quickest and cleanest way possible, and not have to deal with the cumbersome design of the Apple software. Further, the iPhone transfer is also cheap, fast and efficient ensuring that all your needs are effectively and sufficiently met.


  1. Youtube downloads: irrespective of whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an Mac, with the YouTube downloader, all of your favourite videos can be downloaded with a simple click of the button for you to watch at any time as per your needs and convenience.
  2. Easy: No longer do you have to be a tech expert to be able to download videos on your phone from YouTube, and nor do you have to pay for an expensive premium service. With just a simple click of a button, all of your favorite videos can be downloaded to be watched at any time you seek.
  3. Free and fast: It makes no sense to pay for an expensive subscription just to view and store one video, or to keep rewinding your movie CD just to watch that one scene or song. With the YouTube video downloader, you can download what you need without spending exorbitant amounts of money, and do it fast.

Therefore, without doubt, if you have any videos, music or scenes that you absolutely enjoy and want to watch repeatedly, consider using the YouTube video downloader for Apple devices from the IOTransfer 3.

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