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If you have been looking for a DVD ripper for a long time, you might have heard about DVDFab already. It’s a great utility for copying DVD files to your computer, or just copying them to another writeable blank DVD. We have reviewed the DVDFab version 9. The developer Fengtao Software has taken time to implement the most required features into this software one by one, and while using you will notice how carefully the features are crafter to make DVDFab a user oriented DVD ripping software. Fengtao Software has been widely known for developing movie ripping utilities for a long time.


There are plenty lot of features you get off DVDFab, even in the free version. If you pay for the Gold version, you get some convenient features. Apart from that, the features in free version are pretty much full-fledged; only you have to do everything manually. The basic features are –


  • Copy full disk: Copy a disk whatever content it has. Even if you are copying a movie file from a DVD9 to DVD5 disk, the file would be necessarily compressed for fit.
  • Copying a movie: You can copy one movie out of a movie collection disk, or just the movie file omitting the titles and everything else. The extras and bonus tracks won’t be copied; you get only the track you select.
  • Customize: You can copy a DVD disk yet you don’t actually have to keep the title and chapters layout on your source disk. DVDFab allows the users to modify the titles and keep only the necessary ones.
  • Split: If a user want to retain the DVD9 quality and split the files into two DVD5 disks without compromising the slightest bit of data or quality; then they have the Split feature. The burnt disks would preserve everything like the original source disk.
  • Burn: DVDFab doesn’t only copy but burn the data onto other blank DVDs as well. You can either choose files to be burnt or just burn a readymade ISO image. Comes handy if you have two DVD drives capable of burning; you won’t require any space on your hard drive for the transfer.
  • Clone: This option makes exact copies of DVD disks. Everything on the source disk will be copied to the destination disk.


You get your value for money since DVDFab gets necessary upgrades over a definite period of time. Usually the minor upgrades are released every six months and major upgrades are released whenever an innovation takes place. The codecs in each upgrade get better; the visual designs get a facelift as well. However, the upgraded versions might require an upgraded machine as well. Consider upgrading your hardware time to time.

Pros and Cons

Like every other DVD ripping software; DVDFab isn’t 100% perfect. There are human and technical errors, but we highlighted the most prominent ones.


The software has a very simple and minimalistic user interface.


Conversion of HD videos on low configuration computers might result in color bleaching and video distortions. Even though it’s mostly a hardware error, this could’ve been solved using software codecs.


Considering every point mentioned above, we would rate DVDFab DVD ripper 7.5 out of 10. Pretty good for the price!

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