Best Apps to Recommend to Your Employees

Many businesses have tried to discourage employees from bringing mobile devices into the workforce. However, they are starting to realize that mobile applications can actually increase productivity and improve communication between coworkers.

Rather than banning employees from using mobile devices, you may want to encourage them to download apps that can be beneficial in the workplace. It is estimated that about 200 million workers are using mobile apps to improve performance. Here are some that you may want to consider.

Google Drive

Many employees have a difficult time keeping track of all of the documents that they need to store. You may want to encourage them to download the new Google Drive app to their mobile devices. This app can make it a lot easier to keep track of important documents.

Another benefit of Google Drive is that you can share these documents easily with multiple employees. This means that you don’t have to worry about the problems that would arise if one employee lost a copy of an important file.


GroupMe is a great app to make group text messaging more efficient. Employees with the app can send messages to every other member on their team. Everybody will see each other’s replies in real time, which makes it easier to coordinate group communication.

This app is great for virtual teams or those where employees are on the road all the time. It is also a useful app if you need to make timely decisions.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a great app for people that want to use their mobile devices to edit office documents on their mobile devices. There are a number of apps that can do this, but Zoho is one of the most reliable. This app has a number of features that you may want to take advantage of:

  • Task management tools
  • Word processors
  • Spreadsheets
  • Online storage
  • File sharing

There are a number of different benefits to using this app. You may want to encourage your employees to use it if they need to create a lot of documents while traveling.


iDoneThis is another great app to have as part of your company’s BYOD strategy. Project managers need to keep track of all work that they assign. You may want to let them know about the iDoneThis app. This app allows them to remember what work they have assigned and make sure that it has been completed.

This app is actually very easy to use. It will send an email out to everybody at the end of the day to ask what work they have completed. The results will be emailed back to the manager in a daily digest. The app has been praised by a number of managers and executives such as Erik Martin of Reddit and Brett Hardin of Sourceninja. These executives have all stated that the iDoneThis app has made project management much easier for them.

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