Things to Consider when Moving your Business to the Cloud

Nowadays, it’s near impossible for your business to completely avoid the lure of the cloud. However, although the lure of the cloud is strong due to the possibilities it provides, you still need to be wary of potential problems by taking the jump. After all, not only will you have to spend time training your staff on the new systems, but you’ll also have to consider issues such as security and legalities. Here are our top three things to consider when moving your business to the cloud.

Staff Training

Continual updates to cloud based software means that it’s harder than ever to keep staff up to date with what’s happening. As such, properly investing time in staff training is essential. If not, you could leave your staff stranded without help, or leave them in a way that means it’s near impossible to do their job to the highest standard.


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Something as simple as an app update can mean you need to retrain all your staff. However, in saying that, there are simple ways around this. By doing something simple like allowing a couple of your members of staff additional time to get to master an app, you can then use them as training buddies to disseminate knowledge to the rest of the team. Crucially, this doesn’t fill up too much of your time, too. So you can get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that your staff are up to date.


When you switch to the cloud, you seriously need to consider security. Your business probably has a legal obligation to protect a customer’s data. As such, when moving to the cloud, you’ll have to ensure that your provider cares as much about security as you do. In addition, also consider your terminated employee policy as, when you adopt cloud based computing it’s not as simple as simply deactivating their computer log in. make sure you’re protected against disgruntled former employees.

Ease of Data Transfer

Finally, if you’re moving to the cloud, you’ll also have to consider transferring your data from one system to another. The simplest way to take control of data transfer is by using a competent company such as Gradwell. After all, if you don’t manage the data transfer process effectively, you could lose work and time, making your business inefficient. However, if this process is managed well, transferring data between employees and offices will be simpler than ever before.

To conclude, moving to the cloud is a great move for any business, but consider the above carefully.

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