All Tips you Should Know to Erase an iPhone Completely

Erasing an iPhone isn’t something iPhone users need to do all the time. In fact, why in their stable minds an iPhone user would want their perfectly working iPhone erased?

Well apparently, it is needed to erase iPhone in few cases like before selling it off, giving it away to someone else, or maybe while submitting the device for some warranty claim, or other sort of hardware repair. Giving an iPhone to someone else with all your personal data on it isn’t only a stupid idea, it could even become very dangerous especially in this world of social networks and increased online presence – lives depend on people’s online reputations. With the amount of personal data on an iPhone, causing harm to people isn’t very difficult.

Now how do you erase everything from an iPhone? There are certain tools for that operation, even the Factory Reset option inside Settings or iTunes software could do the job for you. Apparently, this process is not full-proof because lots of recovery programs have been able to recover data off an erased iPhone which is not desirable. To erase iPhone completely, we recommend using a third party tool like iSkysoft Data Eraser for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Eraser for Windows)

iSkysoft Data Eraser Features

iSkysoft Data Eraser software has been especially made for erasing data on iOS systems, like on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Even the Android smartphones are supported, and maybe more platforms will be added to its forte. iSkysoft Data Eraser happens to be the world’s first iPhone eraser software that works with even the latest generations of iPhone – the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. Supported file types are log in information, iMessages and regular text messages, Safari browsing history, photos, music, videos and other user files stored on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Once deleted, these files are 100% unrecoverable. No one can get a hold of your personal files if you use iSkysoft Data Erase to erase iPhone completely.

iSkysoft Data Eraser Usefulness

Why should an iPhone user delete the data stored on their iPhones? The more elaborated answers are –

  • To protect personal information: An iPhone might contain several personal information and logged in accounts like – social networks, banking and other financial information, personal photos and videos, whereabouts data, absolutely private files, business date etc. These aren’t meant to be fallen in someone else’s hands, and should be erased before the iPhone is handed off to someone else.
  • To speed up the iPhone: iSkysoft Data Eraser could be used to free up space in an iPhone as well. Junk files occupy a good amount in the storage and slug down the phone, in which case iSkysoft can erase all junk data and speed up the device in only 1 click.
  • Delete Leftover Traces of Files: Every file leave some trace in a file system, which is picked up by the data recovery programs to recover the data on an iPhone. The iSkysoft Data Eraser software is designed to find all these left over trails and erase iPhone data so that no other software can proceed with an unauthorized data recovery on an iPhone. This action is particularly more important while selling an iPhone to an outside party. Your data remains safe, and the new customer gets a completely clean storage. Both sides get equal benefits.

Erase Your iPhone Permanently

  1. Connect iPhone to Computer: Open iSkysoft Data Eraser software on your computer, and connect your iPhone using an authorized cable. Using the official cable supplied with your iPhone’s packaging is always recommended because of its security offerings, and data transfer speed.
  2. connect-iphone-to-mac

  3. Select Erase Mode: Once the connection is set, select which erase mode you prefer to perform the operation with. To completely erase everything on your iPhone, you can select  the “Erase All data” option.
  4. erase-all-data-mac

  5. Erase iPhone: Upon clicking on “Erase All Data” option, the software will proceed scanning all your iPhone data. When finish scanning, click “Erase Now” and type “delete” as instruction.  And iSkysoft Data Eraser will start erasing your iPhone data completely. The process will take some time, once done your iPhone will clean.
  6. erase-all-data-from-iphone-mac

Supported Devices

All generations of iPhone between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE are supported by this device. This sums up the iOS version 7 and above. Similar generations of iPod Touch and iPads are supported by iSkysoft Data Eraser.

If you are coming from an Android ecosystem, then you need to have any Android version between 2.1 and 6.0 on your device.


Completely erasing iPhone isn’t very complicated, the right tool is required for the job. iSkysoft Data Center certainly is one of the best tools an iPhone user can avail right now, and it starts only at $29.95 for 1 PC.

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