Use FamilyTime Parental Controls To Keep Kids On Track In Cyber World!

Undoubtedly, internet is a shuddery place for most of the parents as keeping kids safe from the inappropriate activities proves to be a challenging effort for them. Like many others, you may also be worried about your kids” online activities and you may wonder what they see on YouTube or to whom they talk to over the phone call via SMS. In this case the best solution available at your disposal is the FamilyTime parental controls. It is actually an app that not only answers your questions, but also helps you take a toll on their activities too. The app offers amazing that help parents protect their kids from the nasty effects of the internet and the digital life. Moreover, the app can be used on almost all portable gadgets like smartphone, tablets, iPods, iPads hence keeping track of kids’ activities on these devices. To find out more about this fantastic child safety app, read on!

FamilyTime Parental Controls

The primary parental control app usually cleans up the internet for children by filtering the particular website and the inappropriate material. Most parents achieve this by modifying the existing browser. The similar app asks for the special permissions and forces the kids to switch to the new browser, but the efficient FamilyTime is an effortless app. It is easy and fun to use by providing the practical results. The application is the ultimate solution which enables you to manage the screen time and block the various apps on the phone with just a tap. Now you can reach out to your kids instantly if they ever fell into the trap of anyone. It is a smart digital parenting app.

Features of FamilyTime

Now parents can avail the smart and efficient features in just one app. It is a genuinely useful app which helps you to meet all parenting needs. Following are the amazing features which let you control the activity of your kid.

  • The smart app ensures the safe usage of the internet by the children by enabling parents to have a look at the web pages that they visit see the URLs saved in their bookmarks and favorites. The knowledge about kids’ internet exposure helps parents maintain their digital lifestyle.
  • The app helps parents have a look at the contact book of their kids to see who are they friend with.
  • The inbuilt app blocker feature of the app allows parents to see the list of the apps installed on their kids”s devices and then block the apps which they don”t want their children to use.
  • You will get instant reminders or alerts if your child is engaged in any irregular activity.
  • As most of the kids are addicted to screen time, so now, you can limit the screen time as well. There are two ways of doing that. One is scheduling the auto screen lock and the other is to remotely lock their devices.

To try the app yourself, go now to the app store on your phone.

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