Top 9 Most Addictive iOS Games

Despite Apples’ tough criteria for apps and games, the App Store is filled with candy swapping copycats that you are forced to delete soon after you install them. Well, we are here to help. Our top 9 iOS games will provide you unique and intriguing gaming experience.

1. Papers, Please

This refreshing take-on puzzle gaming is bound to get you glued to your smartphone screen. An engulfing grim storyline, where you, an immigration officer stuck between two countries engaged in cold war, will have to make choices that are dramatic and biblical, on a daily basis. Once you start it, you can’t resist the urge to move forward and explore the next challenge it has in-store for you.

2. Ghost Trick

Originally made for Nintendo DS, this smart adventure puzzle feels right at home on iOS. What’s so fascinating about this game is its slick storyline, where you are a ghost solving his own murder, and even slicker graphics. You go back in time for a few moments to change the course of history. Smart writing, tough engaging puzzles and an absolutely awesome dog, Pomeranian, make this a sure pick for puzzle lovers.


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3. Asphalt 8 Airborne

The eighth edition in Asphalt series from Gameloft delivers a solid performance and asserts why we are still in love with racing games. With highly detailed graphics and one of the most intuitive use of gyroscope for control, Asphalt 8 provides hours of non -stop, high paced, adrenaline kicking action on small and large screens alike.

If you can’t get enough of the racing, then head on to Friv and enjoy online flash based racing games for free.

4. Temple Run 1 & Temple Run 2

The original pioneer of the running adventure games, Temple Run 1 & Temple 2 still offer nonstop action for your fingers and are go-to games for killing time. The fact that graphics have been improved dramatically along with the controls and addition of more levels, this runner will stay in running for multiple awards.

5. Where”s My Water

Though a genuine physics based puzzle game, it is so well thought out and brilliantly put together that little kids get the hang of it in just a while. But don’t mistake its intuitive design for a dull gaming experience; it offers 500 stages, each one posing a unique challenge like floating steam, poison water and dirt-eating acid water. This will get you hooked and begging for more.

6. Cut The Rope

Simplistic yet effective layout and beautifully enticing character design keep you hooked to your iPhone, feeding adorable OM Nom for hours and hours. You simply have to feed the four-toothed bundle of cuteness by swiping action to cut candies at the right time in the right order. Though it gets challenging, but never enough to make you leave and walk away. That’s what we call brilliant execution!

7. Rayman Jungle Run

Another auto runner, yet so different. Auto runners are a dime a dozen, but every now and then we step on something brilliant like this UBISOFT’s Rayman. With silky smooth animations, fast pace and multiple maneuvers, Rayman Jungle Run offers one of the most refined and polished running experience on iOS. For more auto action, Juegos Friv with its amazing flash based games won’t disappoint either.

8. Vainglory

A treat for MOBA lovers, this award winning online multiplayer number will suck you in with its drop dead gorgeous characters and innovative controls. For gamers whining about lackluster online multiplayers in App Store, Vainglory is the answer.

9. Ridiculous Fishing

Well, it’s a simple fishing game, at least it starts as one, where you tilt your phone/device to control the depth of fishing string. Once you get the fish, shoot them up with grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers. Bonkers totally bonkers, and that”s exactly why it’s so fun.

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