Getting Up Close and Personal With Video Measurement Systems

Technology has provided many devices and machines that improve efficiency in the science lab. Whether you”re building an intricate prototype of a tool or need an accurate digital microscope, today”s advanced systems make the job far easier than it was in the 20th century. Thanks to improvements in video enhancement, cameras and computer processing power, devices such as measurement systems can be accurate using one micron resolutions displayed on a widescreen monitor without straining the eyes.

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Video Displaying Benefits

Video measurement systems can be used for a wide range of purposes. Instead of using eyepieces and standing hunched over a project or sample, users can sit relaxed in an ergonomic chair while observing a monitor displaying the target. When connected to a 23-inch widescreen monitor, the viewable space can show you more than that of the simple eyepiece. Another bonus would be the fact that the device can stay on target for extended periods of time displaying the same area. In the past, scientists and engineers had to develop a kind of stamina for extended periods of observation. Now, the same area can be displayed for hours at a time.

Accurate Measurements of the Equipment

After proper calibration, these systems can provide accuracy of approximately one micron. To give you another way of looking at it, a micron is roughly 0.00004 inches long. Enhanced video resolution can zoom in on areas that are unseen by the naked eye. When pin-point accuracy isn”t enough, these systems provide that visual.

Built for Longevity

Many of these measuring systems are designed using LED lighting and granite bases and columns. This creates a long lasting device that can sustain extended periods of use. As LEDs usually have a life of 25 years of eight-hour per day use, there is a reduce immediate threat of losing your light source. Combined with granite bases, the machine can withstand use and abuse from various bumps and dings. However, not all measurement systems utilize the granite reinforcement.

Enhanced measurement systems can be a benefit to any organization that is developing small intricate parts such as the health, science and technology industries. With an incredible close up view of objects, you are more likely to determine defects in development or verify perfections in design. As tools and devices rely on ultra-small parts and connections, being able to zoom in on those projects could lead to success or failure of the unit. Don”t leave your measurements to chance and provide your staff with tools that can fine tune your projects to be perfect.

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