Common Failures of SEO Campaigns

When trying to publicise your business, it’s absolutely fundamental that you implement digital marketing into your plans. As you will already know, use of search engine and social media traffic is the best way of directing attention to your business, and is a measurable way of launching ad campaigns. When designing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, make sure you get the basics down and don’t make any of these rookie errors.

Not Understanding Your Business’s Needs

For start-ups, a lack of understanding on how to get started with digital marketing, particularly SEO, is fairly common. The industry is constantly innovating as well, and so without insider knowledge it can be difficult to follow these trends and keep your business marketing strategy up to date. Small and large companies can benefit from working with digital marketing agencies to create effective campaigns and identify what does and doesn’t work for your particular business.


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Not Understanding Types of Traffic

SEO relies on organic traffic generated through on-site and off-site SEO, which means building campaigns and publicising your business and its services as widely as possible to generate traffic in unique ways. On-site traffic is that which is drawn from your web page within the programming in order to guide users through the site and encourage repeat visits – regularly updating content, for example through a blog, is an effective example of an on-site SEO strategy. By contrast, off-site SEO strategies direct traffic to your website through the use of third party websites, email marketing, and offline marketing. An effective strategy is a combination of these two routes. Understanding how these channels work is integral to designing an effective marketing campaign, so that you can best maximise your web traffic.

Rejecting Social Media

Any business worth their salt will have a social media presence. It’s the most effective way for small businesses to get started, as it is quicker than traditional word-of-mouth; while larger companies can utilise social media for quick and efficient communication with customers and as a point of contact in ad campaigns, thus increasing their following. Forbes advise that your social media channels should work to direct traffic to your website through additional content such as blogs, or featured sale products.

Not Following The Campaign Trail

One of the huge advantages of working with digital marketing specialist services is that they know just what to do after implementing your campaign. Your data traffic is easily accessible through Google Analytics and Webmaster, and through this you can see where your traffic comes from, and what their next steps on your website should be. In order to improve your SEO campaigns and inform future strategies, you need to perform Conversion Rate Optimization analysis of your traffic data – establishing exactly what transforms visitors into customers.

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