4 Efficient Ways to Keep Warm in the Winter

There are many ways you can keep warm in the winter, but how many of them promote efficiency? While some methods will consume an incredible amount of energy to produce heat, others may see more elaborate and time consuming. However, there are ways you can improve the efficiency of your home to maximize your heating elements. By making a few adjustments, your heating devices will operate less while keeping you and your family warmer.

Proper Maintenance

First and fore-most, proper maintenance of any appliance will allow it to operate at peak efficiency. This includes everything from central air conditioning units to gas stoves. By keeping components clean such as heat pumps or any air filters that are incorporated, the unit itself may continue to operate longer before breaking down while optimizing the effect of its use. It”s cheaper to maintain and appliance than it is to replace the unit. For many of these devices, it could take you as little as five minutes to prevent damage that could cost you thousands.

Self-adhesive Foam Insulation

When it comes to windows and doors, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in could wind up saving you a great deal of money over the winter months. In fact, it can also help you maintain temperatures in the summer as well. Self-adhesive foam strips are an inexpensive way to seal windows preventing the arctic air from blasting into your house. These products are incredibly easy to install allowing your heater to operate less. The more stable you can make the ambient temperature of the house, the more efficient the system becomes.

Window Coverings

A lot of energy can be wasted through the window if not properly secured. If you”re unable to install energy efficient windows or double-pane glass, you can still combat the cold using various items around the home. For instance, thick unused blankets, cardboard or folded sheets can make a difference in any given room as these items act as a form of insulation when placed on the window. Another affordable method is buying plastic sheeting to staple or otherwise attach. This method will allow some sunlight into the home while keeping much of the cold at bay.


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Dressing Appropriately

Although dressing appropriately may seem like a common enough practice, many people would rather turn up the furnace and continue to walk around in shorts and tank tops. By dressing warmly, you”ll use your own body heat to keep you comfortable while preventing your energy bills from reaching astronomical levels. If you”re worried about fashion, there are a number of ways you can maintain your own sense of style that can be considered winter attire.

Keeping the home comfortable can be an expensive and daunting task if the house itself is compromised in various areas. An item doesn”t have to be broken in order to warrant maintenance. Take the time to ensure your appliances are cleaned and maintained while inspecting the home for flaws near the doors and windows. Do what you can to promote efficiency in your home and save time and money in a variety of ways.

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