Ecommerce Conversion Rates: Make More From Each Click

If you run an e-commerce store, then your conversion rate is one of your most important metrics. A small change in this number can mean a big boost in your revenues, so it’s well worth taking extra steps to ensure you’re converting a high level of your traffic.

Clear Structure

People need to be able to navigate around your site with ease. If they can’t do this, then they’re not going to be able to find the information they need, and they’re much less likely to buy your products. User experience is extremely important to conversion rates, and poor structure can really hold back an e-commerce site. Make sure you’re working with to create a good UX, so people feel more comfortable navigating your site and eventually making a purchase.


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Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful tool. People want to know that other people have bought your products and had a good experience, and the way you do this is through reviews. Ninety-three percent of customers read online reviews before buying a product, so it’s something that has to feature on your site. Collecting reviews isn’t always easy, but you need to put a system in place that’s going to help you do this. Each review is valuable, so you need to focus on how you can collect this information.


When people buy your products, they take in all the available information and weigh up whether the benefits are worth the cost. If your shipping prices aren’t clearly displayed on your product pages, then your customers don’t know the final cost of your product until they come to check out. This means that the equation changes and this can cause people to reevaluate their decision. If you get a lot of people abandoning their cart, then this could be because of your shipping policy. Be upfront and honest with your shipping, and this will give people less reason to change their minds and abandon the cart.

Barriers to Sale

You want to make it as easy as possible to buy a product on your website. Every extra piece of information you ask for, every extra click you make someone take – they’re all barriers to a sale. The best e-commerce sites make it as simple as possible to go from deciding you want something to making your purchase, and your website needs to do this too. Take away barriers to sales, and you will find your conversion rate goes up.

Email Marketing

Most people don’t come to your website and make a purchase on their first visit. Instead, they go away, think about things, and come back at a later date. However, just because someone has left your website doesn’t mean you can’t still reach them. If you can get people’s email addresses, then you have a great option to reach them with email marketing. A good email campaign can have a big impact on your conversion rate, so it’s a good area to focus on.

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