Back to Basics: Purposing Your Brand for Surefire Success

What is the main purpose of your brand? Do you know? A survey can tell you, and it’s not that hard to put together.

What’s The One Thing Your Brand Will Not Compromise On?

If you don’t know what you stand for, your business is on already on the rocks. How is your brand expressed through your products and services, your customer service, the culture and the company communications?

Tease this out of your business and formalize it into a mission statement or value proposition that you could reproduce for any potential client or customer.

What Would Be Missing In The World If Your Company Didn’t Exist?

If your company went out of business tomorrow, how would that negatively affect the world? If you wouldn’t be missed, you haven’t made an impact yet. You haven’t made a dent in the world. For every company in existence, there needs to be something that that company does that no one else does or can do.


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What would your customers miss about you? What makes you special. For example, if these frozen yogurt spoons didn’t exist and the Frozen Dessert Supplies brand wasn’t around, its customers would likely miss the fun and exciting presentation of their products and customizability of ice cream product packaging.

What Is Your Customer Experience Like?

Stand in your customers’ shoes for a day. What’s it like? Does your customer service follow the popular trend right now of blaming the customer first, trying to minimize corporate liability, and reduce call times?

If so, what does that feel like on the customer’s end? Most customers don’t like being treated like a number, and they don’t care about your call times. They don’t care about how many customers you have. They have problems and they want them solved by you. Are you doing that?

If not, what can you change to make sure your customers’ problems are being solved? Is it a customer service problem or it is indicative of a product or service quality problem? A lot of companies are in denial about the quality of their products and services, and therefore won’t fix their overloaded customer service department. Be brave. Look at all angles and refine your brand to be synonymous with outstanding quality and problem resolution.

Do You have An Exit Plan?

Everyone needs an exit plan, whether they plan to sell or not. Why an exit plan? Because one day you’re going to die. That’s pretty morbid isn’t it? No one likes to think about their own demise, but it happens to all of us.

So, how will your company end? Or rather, how will your company end under your leadership? Will you sell? Will you pass it along to someone else? You can opt to take out a large life insurance policy and then let the death benefits pay off any remaining business debts, giving the rest to your spouse or children or whomever you want.

You can sell it to another person or company, your family, or just close up shop and try to get as much money out of it as possible. Whatever your choice, you should have a plan so that, if you want your brand to succeed you, it will.

Karl Olivieri is a sales and marketing instructor. He loves writing about marketing to post online. Look for his articles on many marketing and branding sites.

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